Maryland's Bookmobile of Dance

Re-Opening Monday, July 6

Howard County Center for the Arts, Studio 18

By Appointment Only for Now

We miss you.
Please be healthy and safe.

Ballet Mobile makes its theaters where people live -
in the Light and bringing Light.

UNTIL OUR JULY 7 RE-OPENING, we continue...

 + Taking class every day in our homes and garages

 + Reviewing choreography and studying music

+ Sewing costumes and pointe shoes

+ Making flower bouquets and headpieces

+ Preparing new programs

+ Choreographing and preparing new programs

ALWAYS thinking about the precious people we serve and care about.

We ask you to join us in LOVE.

* Never lose hope

* Listen to the music of the universe

* Share healing thoughts in your own way



Let's look at our dancers in their homes.

With great tenderness, Deirdre reads to her handsome son Emerson.
Susan embraces Fuzzy Bunny Quentin after class.
Jasmine balances in the sunshine.
Kitty Tasha squishes into "her" ribbon box as Roadie Robert makes Ballet Mobile bouquets.
Home from U Pitt, Abby and Dog Billie do their yoga.
Susan sorts her costumes.
Sarah gathers some of the bouquets she and her mom have made.
Lily poses after her pointe class.
Susan holds her beautiful 4th and smiles love.
Littlest Roadie Eli takes a happy break with Becky.
Rey Rey is very pleased with the flowers Lily has made.
In her dining room, Sherry "serves" magnificent flowers that she and Sarah will transform.
Deirdre takes class virtually in her kitchen - concentrating on each healing breath lengthening her spine.

Just as a bookmobile
brings books to people everywhere,
Ballet Mobile brings
wonderful ballet
to people where they live.
"I wasn't sure if ballet was something I'd enjoy,
but I loved every minute."


"I often feel very alone, but not today. Today you made me feel special."
"I felt like a Queen when I came into this room. I am so happy."
"I am so glad that I am alive to have experienced this.
I am uplifted."
"I'm an old Scot. I had never seen a ballet in my entire life until tonight. You made it possible for me to hear the music and to understand the beauty I was seeing. I found myself getting emotional. I will never forget tonight. I will never forget you."
"My heart is warm again."
"This performance was of operatic quality. I will look at my flowers and re-live it
over and over."
Becky enjoys a quiet hour with her ballet books.
Hurray for our Georgetown rising freshwoman!
Rising UMBC Freshwoman Nina takes a Let's Play break with Super Catcher Duke.
Roadie Eli, the INCREDIBLE - rides his bike and models safety with mask and gloves.
Becky and Littlest Roadie Eli stay strong together.
Sweet Ben Kitty inspects the lovely roses specially ordered for Ballet Mobile's bouquets.
Sarah's arabesque is lovelier than ever.
Marigold approves of Lily's new ballet cat socks.
Home from her Ailey/Fordham college program, Gabrielle works with her mom to sews masks.
Deirdre reviews choreography - hearing the music in her head and seeing the movements in her heart.
Susan rehearses her different styles every day.
Kitty Tasha hides in her bed of silk flowers as Renée makes even more bouquets.
Susan wears the legwarmers she has made by hand.




 Our audiences say it best.

Read their comments

in red below.

There are lots more on

our Community page.

Experience how
Ballet Mobile's dancing,
music, movement,
and mental imagery
can improve
the spirits and health of
those you care about.
"You brought back faces of so many people I have loved - as if they were right here
with me again."

"I don't know how you manage to transform this room and bring this magical experience to us."
"You bring the spectacular music to life for all of us.
You give us life."
"I smiled, laughed, cried, and remembered. I felt so many emotions. I was dancing with every single one of you."
"I loved to dance. Now I sit in this wheelchair, and I thought there was nothing left. After today I will never again be defined by this wheelchair. I will let myself dance."
"You bring me such comfort. You remind me that Love is what keeps us alive."
People find themselves
and their inner strength
from the beauty, music,
and FUN.
Some have called it
"feeling young."
"You helped me remember to look ahead, not only back."
"My husband and I were married 53 years when I lost him. But he was here with me today."
Caslin hugs cousins Molly and Hannah in New Hampshire.
Lily has captured the magic of the light in her photo of freshly-made silk bouquets.
California Alison shares the beauty of her biking trail.
Fuzzy Quentin measures Susan's pointe shoe to see if all his paws will fit.
Renée works to reschedule Ballet Mobile house calls. Kitty Tasha cheers her on from Dreamland.
Little Roadie Emerson smiles at Mommy Deirdre.
Mollie demonstrates her relévé as she takes a bike break in the kitchen.
Deirdre and Rusty take barre in her kitchen. He approves her perfectly beveled foot.
Lily prepares for her class.
Susan completes her class with a lovely 4th croisé.
Renée and Son Bear (Alex) take a Taco Cooking break from Costume Shop Cleanup.
Susan dances her barre with poetry in her spirit.
Marigold asks Lily which flowers will be hers.
Roadie Robert smiles for us as he works.
Mac claims this tutu as his as Renée leaves the room for two minutes.


10 years of delivering ballet, music, hope, and LOVE
"You brought so much love into this place today - and into my heart. I will count the days until I dance with you again."
"You all have the most generous hearts and spirits."
"I danced right from my wheelchair. You're right. It's just a chair. It isn't who I am.
"You touched my soul."
"The joy I felt from all of you today helped me find my own."
"I never thought I'd get a Valentine today. You gave me a beautiful bouquet
and so much more.
You gave me back myself."
"I am impressed and fascinated by all of you. I have never been happier than I am today with my great-grandchild at my side."


 Beautiful music, movement, and mental imagery bring wellness in body and soul.

Watch Ballet Mobile making house calls, not curtain calls.

We are here - only an email or phone call away.  

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