Renée Meyer

Founding and Artistic Director

Susan Moore

Principal Artist and Soloist

Rebecca Gould

Principal Soloist

Deirdre Kleinow

Principal Soloist

Angela Walker

Guest Choreographer

Beloved by all our audiences and dancers, Angela regularly flies in from Kansas City, Missouri to choreograph wonderful dances for the Company. Angela was one of the Founding Leaders of Ballet Mobile.



Ballet Mobile, Inc. is always on the road making house calls. Its headquarters is located in Studio 18 of the Howard County Center for the Arts. Its mission is best reflected through Emily Dickinson's poem:


If I can stop one heart from breaking,

I shall not live in vain;

If I can ease one life the aching,

Or cool one pain,

Or help one fainting robin

Unto his nest again,

I shall not live in vain.



We bring our inspirational programs to people who otherwise
might not have the opportunity to experience or enjoy them.

Renée Meyer is the Founding and Artistic Director of Ballet Mobile. She creates and directs all Ballet Mobile activities.

Renée's vision is to take ballet out of a dark theater and to share its healing and restorative powers with those who most benefit from them. Ballet curtain calls become ballet house calls.

Renée integrates what she calls "the three M's: music, movement, and mental imagery" into all Ballet Mobile's programs. She tailors each house call to the specific people who will be there so that everyone has the chance to watch wonderful ballet, journey in their minds to happy, safe times and places, and move with the music and dancers - in their hearts if not with their bodies.
Ballet Mobile is proud to have beautiful volunteer ballerinas.

Susan Moore is Ballet Mobile's Principal Artist, a professional dancer who has been described as "a living doll who can inspire the world". In addition to her ballet dancing, Susan is a gifted artist and designer.
She has stopped many, many hearts from breaking. She is always on the road with Renée and Robert.

Principal Soloist Rebecca Gould is a specialist in English-as-a-

Second Language. A Howard County school teacher, she works one-on-one with middle school students. Fluent in French, Rebecca leads groups to France, enriching their lives forever.

Principal Soloist Deirdre Kleinow is a Howard County second-grade teacher. She loves to travel, read and learn. She inspires everyone around her.

Soloist Sarah Whiteford is a professional musical theater actress, dancing and singing for Ballet Mobile.

High School Seniors Abby Kallmyer, Brooke Powell, and Jayla Allums are National Honor Society scholars. Caslin Sisk is an honors sophomore. 9th grader Maddie Salkeld is a gifted athlete as well as dancer. Lily Coombs and Abby Munro are 8th-grade honor students who love to travel. 

College students Gabrielle Corrigan and Jasmine Glaze - as well as other wonderful dancers - join Ballet Mobile as their schedules permit. Like an accordion, Ballet Mobile's size expands and contracts - always accommodating the venues we serve.

Our Roadies

A marvelous group of volunteer Roadies is led by Robert Stokes. Robert also assists Renée in the Ballet for Senior Wellness Program.

The Roadies make Ballet Mobile's performances possible. From portable ballet floors and barres to silk flowers, the Roadies load, unload, set up, and take down. They visit with the audiences, make the space safe for the dancers, create and distribute flowers to everyone, help with seating, give out programs, and do whatever they can to make the experience as enjoyable and meaningful as possible.



Starting with love, we combine beautiful ballet and music. Then we add group movement, mental imagery activities,

and hearts touching hearts to create unique, lasting experiences that raise people's spirits and improve their physical and mental well-being.

Evidence-based findings about the positive effects of dance and music on seniors underpin our house calls. Everyone has the chance to move, retrieve cherished memories, regain inspiration, watch beautiful art, and dance with their hearts if not their bodies.

Everything at our house calls flows together beautifully for a meaningful experience that lasts long after we leave. The flowers we give to each audience member as our gift help our audiences remember the Ballet Mobile experience and rediscover the positive feelings of well-being during our time together.


All of us in Ballet Mobile are volunteers - doing what we

love to do and hoping to make a difference.



We believe that every person at a house call should leave the experience with lighter hearts and happier spirits. "Nobody sits still if they don't want to," Renée says. "Even if people can't move physically, they can move in their minds and hearts. The mind is so powerful. It can take us to the same positive emotional place that our dancers feel when dancing. So in the end, we all are dancing together."



All our programs are tailored to our specific audiences and their preferences. Here is where we have been in the past year. Take a look at our upcoming schedule and join us for a house call. Friends are welcome any time.

July, 2017 - Sunrise Annapolis, Frederick Villa, Morningside Friendship
June, 2017 - Atholton High School, Sunrise Columbia, Arbor Ridge at Riderwood, Brooke Grove Nursing Center
May, 2017 - Springwell Senior Living, Heartlands Severna Park, Morningside Ellicott City, Brightview South River, Brightview Towson
April, 2017 - Morningside Ellicott City, Heartlands Ellicott City, North Arundel Health and Rehab, Easter Seals Windsor Mill, Buckingham's Choice, Sanctuary Holy Cross
March, 2017 - Gallagher Services, Brighton Gardens, Brightview Severna Park, Pickersgill, Brighton Gardens Reminiscence Neighborhood

February, 2017 -Weinberg Dancers at JCC Performa
January, 2017
- Morningside House of Friendship, Brightview Severna Park, Atholton Work Enclave

December, 2016 - Brooke Grove Nursing Center, Heartlands Ellicott City, Buckingham's Choice, Weinberg Village, Morningside Ellicott City, Sunrise Annapolis, Sanctuary Holy Cross, Brighton Gardens, Frederick Villa Nursing Home, North Arundel Health and Rehab, Easter Seals Windsor Mill

November, 2016 - Springwell Senior Living, Brightview South River, Symphony Manor, Brightview Towson. Forest Hill Heights, Heartlands Severna Park

October, 2016 - Morningside Ellicott City, Morningside House of Friendship, Brighton Gardens, Atholton Work Enclave
August, 2016 - Springwell Senior Living, Randallstown Public Library

In 2014, Renée took Ballet Mobile further into our Community. Every Tuesday afternoon, she and Roadie Robert teach Ballet for Wellness to seniors at Weinberg Village in Owings Mills, Maryland as part of Ballet Mobile's Ballet for Senior Wellness Program. See the program in action.



 Ballet Mobile, Inc. is a public charity, exempt from Federal income tax under 501(c)(3). Contributions to Ballet Mobile, Inc. are deductible under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. Any contributions to Ballet Mobile, Inc. since June 2, 2010 are fully deductible.

For copies of our Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, or any other Ballet Mobile information, please contact us