Ballet Mobile brings ballet and joy to Marylanders

We are so proud to bring and teach beautiful, healing ballet to people
who otherwise might not experience or enjoy it in this unique way.


Each of our visits is specially tailored and always participative.
January 8, 2017 - Brightview Severna Park - New Year's Nutcracker
"The Prayer for Peace really touched my heart. We all needed that." "This experience touched me. Here I am - a "Big Man" crying." "You don't know the power you all have." "I will stay alive so that I can see you all again."

January 7, 2017 - Morningside House of Friendship - New Year's Nutcracker
"I haven't been well and I wasn't going to leave my room today. This morning God told me to come down to watch you. I'm so glad that I did. I feel so much better now." "I wouldn't have missed this for the world." "So inspiring!" "What you all do for us takes my breath away."

December 30, 2016 - Easter Seals - New Year's Nutcracker
"You're all expressions of God's soul on Earth." "I can see through your dancing the shining Love you have." "I would have cried if I had missed this." "You all are so loving. You all are beautiful spirits. God bless you."

December 29, 2016 - North Arundel Health and Rehab - New Year's Nutcracker - "I wanted this never to end. It was over too soon." "You made my awful headache disappear. I feel alive." I will remember this day for the rest of my life." "You brought Life to us today." "Please stay strong so you can come back and help us get strong again." "You sat with us, talked with us, spent the afternoon with us, and got us all dancing. What a gift."

December 27, 2016 - Frederick Villa - New Year's Nutcracker - "I've never seen anything like this in my whole life." "This made me feel like a princess." "You all look so happy. It makes us happy." "I remembered this from last year and I had to be here today." "I'm incredibly flattered to have been allowed to participate today."

December 23, 2016 - Brighton Gardens - Nutcracker
"You have made me so very, very happy." "I am changed." "This was the best performance I have ever seen in my life because it moved me so deeply." "The message you give us through your dancing is beautiful." "You are so magical that even our birds began to sing." "This touched me. You all touched me."  "You love what you do, and because of that you bring joy to everyone and make such a difference."

December 22, 2016 - Sanctuary Holy Cross - Nutcracker
"You remembered me. Thank you for making me feel that I matter." "I sit here crying because I feel your love all around me." ""I am so glad that my nurse brought me down and I didn't miss this." "You come because you love us. We can tell." "I feel so much better. I am inspired to keep doing my therapy and keep trying." "You healed us all."

December 18, 2016 - Sunrise Annapolis - Nutcracker - "This was exactly what I needed. It took me away from my troubles. I'm in such a better place now." "I feel like I just took a shot - a shot of life!" "Thank you for bringing the holiday spirit to us in our home." "I haven't seen anything that made me so happy since last year when you were here."

December 17, 2016 - Morningside Ellicott City - Nutcracker - "I am in Heaven now that you all were here." "You brought exquisite music, beautiful dancing, and great love to us. What a gift." "This gave me goosebumps!" "Your narration put us right into the story with all the dancers. I loved it. I feel just like Clara!"

December 11, 2016 - Weinberg Village - Nutcracker
"Mesmerizing!" "I used to watch my daughter dance and cry from the beauty of it. I felt the same way today. I haven't felt like that for a long time." "I don't know what came over me, but I felt I needed to dance. So I stood up and danced. I loved it." "Once again you brought real magic here."

December 10, 2016 - Buckingham's Choice - Nutcracker
"You made us feel young again." "I've seen so many Nutcrackers. This was different; you made the show about us. This is the first one that was really personal for me." "I feel truly awake." "I walked in ten minutes before the show and I haven't stopped smiling since." "You all are exquisite. I will never forget your faces or this performance." "I'm 91 years old and have never seen a ballet until just now. I can't wait to see more."

December 4, 2016 - Heartlands Ellicott City - Nutcracker
"Thank you for making this such a marvelous afternoon." "None of you needs costumes or make up. You are truly beautiful inside and out." "You all smile from the heart, and that makes our hearts so much lighter." "This took my breath away."

December 3, 2016 - Brooke Grove Nursing Center - Nutcracker
"It was like a wonderful dream. I loved it." "I generally don't like ballet, but I thought why not come anyway - and now I'm in love with ballet." "We all relaxed and feel so much better now." "You made our year by being here today."

November 27, 2016 - Heartlands Severna Park - Thanksgiving Nutcracker
"I am so excited after this." "This was the Best Show Ever." "I've seen you for 5 years, and I love you more every time." "I love watching the dancers' faces. They are so filled with love and energy." "Look at these tears streaming down my face. It just shows how much I love all of you."

November 26, 2016 - Forest Hill Heights - Thanksgiving Nutcracker
"I knew it would be good, but I had no idea it would be this magnificent." "The tutus reminded me of the costumes I used to wear - and all the wonderful people I got to know." "Our schedules said this was Entertainment. This was so much more." "Each year that you are here reminds me of a different, precious memory."

November 23, 2016 - Brightview Towson - Thanksgiving Nutcracker
"I don't need any wishes for a happy Thanksgiving. You already made mine the happiest it could be." "When I'm sitting at my Thanksgiving table, this is what I'll be most thankful for." "Being here with you - all of us together - with you so close and us moving with our flowers - we really shared some moments of incredible beauty." "I became smitten with ballet and have seen really good ballet. This was really good ballet."

November 20, 2016 - Symphony Manor - Thanksgiving Nutcracker
"I've been so many places and seen so many Nutcrackers. This was the most motivating and meaningful of all." "I don't get surprised very often anymore, but I was surprised today. This was exquisite beyond words." "Today was like seeing a picture book come to life. And now that you've given me a holiday picture, I will remember everything."

November 19, 2016 - Brightview South River - Thanksgiving Nutcracker
"Today I think I got a preview of what Heaven will be like. If all the angels are half as beautiful as all of you, it truly will be amazing." "I have never enjoyed anything more than this. It was pure Heaven." "You have no idea how many wonderful memories you brought back to me today." "I will sleep really well tonight and dream of this."


November 8, 2016 - Springwell - Election Day Ballet - "I have been counting the days until you came again." "This was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." "I am your friend for life." "My father-in-law told me we had to come today because you were so wonderful. He was so right." "I kiss you. You take me back to Vienna, and I am young again."

October 28 - Atholton Work Enclave - Afternoon of Dancing - "I really had a good time today!" "This was FUN!" And from one of the teachers: "We are so lucky to have Ballet Mobile!" "I can't believe how much the students learned and danced today."

October 15 - Brighton Gardens - Autumn Ballet - "You just tickle the daylights out of me." "You see the smile on my face. It's there because of you." "You bring so much joy into our lives." "You all come here and there's no way we can be sad." "Delightful and invigorating." "You reminded me I can dance with one arm and have hope."

October 9 - Morningside House Friendship - Autumn Ballet - "It  doesn't get any nicer than just taking the elevator downstairs to see something like this ballet!" "I loved this so much I wanted to cry." "Eloquent. Elegant. Beautiful." "I just love you. I can't wait until Nutcracker." "What an afternoon! I've never seen anything like this before."

October 1 - Morningside Ellicott City - Autumn Ballet - "I love you with my whole heart. Look into my eyes and see my love." "Not only was it beautiful tonight. It was fun." "I cherish all my flowers. They are your love." "You can't believe the joy you bring to so many people." "What a great experience! I am renewed."


August 15 - Randallstown Public Library - Mind, Body, Spirit "I have to go into the hospital, and I wanted to see this first. This will help me. I'm not so afraid anymore." "Today meant a great deal to me because of my background. I loved it." "This was so much fun! We got to dance with you!" "I am so glad we came. Thank you for being so wonderful to my daughter."

August 8 - Springwell Senior Living - Summer Ballet
"Words cannot describe how wonderful this was." "You made me smile more than I have in the past month." "When my family comes to visit, I will have a story to tell about today. It was out of this world." "I am 99 years old and have seen the Kirov and Bolshoi in Russia. This was beautiful and made me remember." "Light came to Springwell today when you all arrived. It was like God coming into the room."

July 25 - Woodlawn Public Library - Mind, Body, and Spirit
"What a great afternoon this was!" "My daughter loved every minute, and I was able to relax and enjoy it, too." "This was the best afternoon I've had with my grandchildren in a long time." "What a crowd! And what fun!"

July 7 - Maples Towson - Happy Birthday America Ballet
"We had so much fun today! All of us really got going!" "I'm so glad I came. You changed me." "I wish my wife could have been here, but I felt her beside me the whole time." "What you do takes my breath away." "I loved every minute!"

July 6 - North Arundel Health & Rehab - Birthday America
"Just anticipating your coming makes my heart fill with joy. I would like to stay and watch you all forever." "You gave me some hope today. Usually I just sit in my room and worry. I will use music to help me get well and think of this." "When I look at my flower I will remember you." "This made me feel so much better." "I love it when you come to dance for us. You don't just dance. You care about us."

July 5 - Weinberg Village - Happy Birthday America Ballet
"Tonight you gave us Life!" "This was the best show yet, and they've all been wonderful." "I was mesmerized." "The music, the dancing, the visualization - I saw it all." "Every one of you is truly special - so giving, generous, and loving through your art that you share with us." "Thank you for making tonight instructive as well as delightful. We learned so much."

July 3 - Sunrise Annapolis - Happy Birthday America Ballet
"All of you just gave us a shot of energy." "I am in such a wonderful mood now. Thank you." "I wouldn't have missed this for the world." "This was the best show I've ever seen here. I can't wait until Nutcracker!" "I hadn't really made up my mind about this ballet thing when I came today. Now I'm your biggest fan."

June 24 - Sanctuary Holy Cross - Summer Ballet
"I'm so glad you came to see me again. It made my day." "I'll keep playing my Kenny G and think of all this." "You made me happy today." "You got us all dancing!" It was fun!" From a staff member: "What you do is so special and means so much."

June 20 - Essex Public Library - Mind, Body, Spirit: Dance!
"You changed my life today." "My son was enthralled." "I could have listened and learned all day long." "What an event to launch our Summer Reading Program! You made books come alive!" And from the children: "You are beautiful!" "I loved dancing with you." "I am going to teach my friends the arm positions."

June 17 - Brightview South River - Ballerina Afternoon
"We are overjoyed." "I could feel the energy come inside me. I will remember and use it." "They made an announcement that you were amazing. You really are!" "You made our day. You brought us a great gift today."

June 14 - Brightview Severna Park - Flag Day Ballet
"You are keepers!" "I could watch for hours and hours." "I am fascinated by Ballet Mobile." "I would love to follow you around to all your house calls." "I'm from New York and have seen talent. You guys are great."

June 6 - Brighton Gardens Reminiscence - Ballet in the Afternoon
"I had such a good time." "I feel like dancing and dancing!" "I kiss you for today." "I love you so much." From a staff member: "What you did today was beyond words. It was pure love."


May 30 - Symphony Manor - Memorial Day Ballet - "What an unexpected and delightful treat!" "You all never knew my mother when she was strong and young, but somehow you helped her remember who she is and how much I love her - right now, right in this moment." "I've never seen anything like this. I'm so excited and full of life." "I loved being so close and being able to see everything."

May 29 - Brightview Towson - Memorial Day Ballet - "My mother really loved this today. She said it brought back all kinds of good memories. It touched my heart." "I cry and cry when you're here. I remember and am so happy." "I sat down and then a real ballerina came in and danced directly in front of me. Right here. Imagine!" "This made my day."

May 27 - Atholton Work Enclave - Memorial Day Ballet - "What you do is beyond words." "I love it when you are here."

May 22 - Heartlands Severna Park - Armed Forces Weekend Ballet -
"I will never ever miss one of your performances as long as I'm on this earth." "A double-header: lecture/demonstration and show! Best afternoon ever!" "I'm here with my mother, and the piece with the wheelchair meant everything." "I haven't seen ballet for 30 years. This took my breath away!"

May 20 - Spring Arbor Severna Park - Afternoon Ballet -
"Thank you for remembering our Armed Forces. It means so much. It is who I am." "I loved this so much. It reminded me of when I used to dance around the house on my tippy toes." "I will touch this flower and remember you and how happy I still can be."

May 13 - Morningside Ellicott City - Spring Ballet - "You took me to Broadway today." "As always, you moved me to tears. and they're good tears." "I wouldn't miss this for the world." "I felt that every dance - every movement - was just for me." "I never had any interest in ballet before. You changed me."

May 12 - Sanctuary Holy Cross - NY, NY Ballet! -"You all work so hard to do this wonderful thing for all of us. I can't believe that you do this. I feel truly blessed." "You brought me great joy today." "You girls!!!! I loved every minute!" "My mother will be 104 on her next birthday. I loved being with her today to see this and to see how much she enjoyed it." 

May 9 - Brightview White Marsh - Mothers' Day Ballet
- "What a joy this was today." "You changed my entire opinion about ballet! This was wonderful and so inspiring." "Today made me very happy." "I am over 100 years old and I've never seen anything so beautiful and touching."

May 8 - Brightview Rolling Hills - Mothers' Day Ballet - "You made me so happy." "This was my first ballet. I loved it because it gave me something real and important. It meant something to me." "What a treat" I haven't seen anything like this since New York and Paris!" "This brought back so many memories. It brought tears to my eyes." "We're here to visit my mom. This is a Mothers' Day surprise for me, too!" "I had no idea that something like this existed." "What a gift you were to me today."


April 20, 2016 - Atholton High School Work Enclave - Spring Ballet
"We love it so much when you are here." "What you do is absolutely wonderful." "Our partnership continues to inspire us all."

April 17, 2016 - Selborne of Dorsey Hall - Spring Ballet
"Come back soon and bring us all back to life again." "Thank you for sharing this joy with us." "It gets lonely sometimes. It's been wonderful to spend time with all of you. You lift us up." "I learned so much today, and I remembered so many things that made me happy." "There was a connection here today among all of us. It was beyond the music and the dancing. It was life."

April 1, 2016 - Easter Seals Windsor Mill - No Foolin' Ballet
"You encouraged me so much today. Years ago I had teachers who told me not to give up and they helped me make it. You helped me remember that I can make it." "This is just the place I come to every day. I didn't expect anything like this. I am so happy." "Thank you for bringing the music to me today." "Thank you for reminding us that we can make a difference, too."  "You, the children, the music, the dancing - I felt alive way deep inside." From a staff member: "You bring this whole place to life."


March 31, 2016 - Brooke Grove Nursing Center - Spring!
"This brought back so many great memories." "This was a  miracle. My mother and I will be dancing with our flowers for a long, long time." "Bless you for remembering me and giving me this beauty. I love you." From staff members: "What you do is not entertainment. It is a ministry."  "You changed these people." "There were people here today who never participate in anything. You brought them out. They were dancing with their flowers!"

March 30, 2016 - Frederick Villa - Spring Ballet
"Thank goodness you came here today! You made the day beautiful." "Ooh! It was magnificent!" "I love you! I'm so glad I was right here in the front row." "Such music! I will remember this afternoon for a long, long time." "I respect and understand ballet so much more now." From a family member: "I stayed much longer than I intended. I'm so late, and I don't care. I would never have missed this with my mom. It was so special." From a staff member: "You helped us all dance today."

March 25, 2016 - Brighton Gardens - Spring Ballet
"We used to go to NYC for the Broadway shows. None of them held a candle to this. We really mean it." "Thank you for making a difference in this day and in our lives." "I wasn't sure how I'd feel about ballet. Now I treasure the days you are here and count the days until you return." "Thank you for bringing your friendship here to us all."

March 20, 2016 - Heartlands Ellicott City - 1st Day of Spring Ballet
"This gave me so much hope." "I never loved ballet more than I did this afternoon." "I haven't had this much fun in a long time!" "We all wake up when you bring us our Spring Ballet." "Edgar Degas would have loved watching you today." "We felt the music through you." "Your smiles brought the world to our hearts." "You are a blessing to the universe." "I love you and will be right here waiting for next time."

March 17, 2016 - North Arundel Health & Rehab - St Pat's Ballet
"I've been a nurse for 35 years, and I never thought I'd be at the other end of the call button. Today meant everything. You helped everyone in this room feel a part of something bigger and remember who they are." "I will always remember this - and you." "You warmed my heart." "Today was like prayer for me - like when I pray to make it one more day."

March 5, 2016 - Morningside Ellicott City - Almost Spring Ballet
"From one artist to another, God bless all of you." "I just moved in, and I've never seen anything like this. I'll never miss from now on!" "I pray that I will be here the next time you come." "You bring back memories that help us keep on going." "I never used to like the performing arts before you. Now I'm your biggest fan." "You are so full of life and hope. It is a treat just to be near you."

Sun, 1/10/16 - Mercy Villa Convent - New Year's Nutcracker
"This was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Just perfect." "You took us into the story with you." "Thank you for lending your beauty to us. When you have something so beautiful it is so important to share it, and you do." "Such grace! Such inspiration!" "I felt the music commanding all of us." "I realized I was crying - crying from absolute joy."

Sun, 1/3/16 - Brookdale Potomac - New Year's Nutcracker
"This was incredible. I've never seen anything like it." "This was my favorite version of Nutcracker by far." "Magnificent!" "I will cherish my flower and remember today." From a staff member: "You made these people smile for a whole afternoon. They forgot their troubles and their loneliness and were happy." From another staff member: "This was one of the largest crowds we have ever had at any activity."

Tues, 12/29/15 - Easter Seals Windsor Mill - Nutcracker
"It was so beautiful that I just kept crying." "I can't believe it's over! Too short!" "This made my heart happy." "I was doing the exercises with the dancers and waving my flower during the show and loving every minute." "This is the first time I have ever seen the Nutcracker, and I loved it." "This took me back to the day..." "I heard about you all when I first started coming here. This was thrilling for me."

Mon, 12/28/15 - Harmony Hall - New Year's Nutcracker
"This is such a hard time for me. You always help." "I'm 100 years old and this is the greatest thing I have ever seen." "What you do is so healing." "I went to dialysis and told them to hurry so I wouldn't miss this!"

Sun, 12/27/15 - Sunrise Silver Spring - New Year's Nutcracker
"Double wonderful!!" "My entire gang loved this." "In 88 years this is my first ballet, and I loved it." "We went to the Kennedy Center all the time when we were young. The Kennedy Center can't top this." "The music from today is in my heart forever, keeping me alive." "This is the perfect start to my new year." "I remembered such happy times."

Wed, 12/23/15 - Weinberg Village - Nutcracker
"This is the first time I have ever seen ballet. I figured it was all sissy stuff, but now I understand that this is real art. It was wonderful. I loved it." "We have been waiting all year for this." "I am so much happier after tonight." And from the Weinberg Dancers: "I loved taking class with the company before the show." "I am so inspired."

Wed, 12/23/15 - Atholton Work Enclave - Nutcracker
"I loved dancing with you." "I feel so happy."

Tues, 12/22/15 - Sanctuary Holy Cross - Nutcracker
"This took me back 70 years and gave me my life back." "These are happy tears because I'm remembering happier times." "I will be dreaming about this every night." "It was so beautiful it was almost too much." And from a Director: "You don't know what you brought today. The joy was amazing."

Mon, 12/21/15 - The Maples of Towson - Nutcracker
"This was perfect. I will never forget it." "I'm surprised you all dodged the chandelier with your jumps so high!" "You turned our dining room into a bal-arena!" "Pure diamonds! That's what you all are." "Your joy rubbed off on all of us." "You gave us something so wonderful. I have nothing to give you - except my heart."

Sun, 12/20/15 - Brighton Gardens Columbia - Nutcracker
"100% A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!" "This was magical." "After seeing this, I'm going to get my legs stronger so I can take you all for a twirl on the dance floor." "This was so touching. What you all do is beyond words." "I can't think of a better way to start the holidays."

Sat, 12/19/15 - Integrace Fairhaven - Nutcracker
"How could I ever be sad after this?" "This was the sweetest show I have ever seen." "You touched the stars when you danced for us." "I'll keep my flower close to my heart." "I feel so special. Some people live their whole lives and never get to see anything like this."

Mon, 12/14/15 - Forest Haven - Sugar Plum Fairy Afternoon
"I will put these flowers by my bed so they will be the first things I see when I open my eyes in the morning - and I will remember." "You are now my daughter, and I will love you forever." "Today was such a sad day until you came."

Sun, 12/13/15 - Heartlands Ellicott City - Nutcracker
"This was the best show I've ever seen." "This was just like a Broadway show - so perfect - the music, the dancing, everything!" "This was my vacation today." "I would rather see you than any other group anywhere because you have such heart."

Sat, 12/12/15 - Morningside Ellicott City - Nutcracker
"Tonight you touched your souls to ours." "I always see your hearts dancing, and you make my heart dance, too." "Soon we'll celebrate our 64th wedding anniversary. Tonight was our perfect gift." "Magnifico!!" "You really did make magic happen!"

Sun, 12/6/15 - Sunrise Annapolis - Nutcracker
"Did I like it? I melted!" "This was my holiday gift." "This show was incredible." "Today I started loving ballet." "The narration was so meaningful and inspiring." "You all just get better and better." "I looked forward to this all year."

Sat, 12/5/15 - North Arundel Health & Rehab - Nutcracker
"I can't believe they have something like this here." "You make us so happy." "I never thought I would be in the presence of such beauty." "It was as if I could see all your hearts." "I cried today when I felt the transformation of all the spirits in this room."

Fri, 12/4/15 - Oaks at Four Corners - Sugar Plum Fairy Afternoon
"This was the absolutely perfect start to my holidays. I am a new person." "I feel so inspired." "I haven't danced in so many years, and today I danced. I will dance again every time I look at my flower." "I used to work at the Kennedy Center. This brought back such happy memories." "You were so loving, and you made us all feel comfortable and hopeful."

Mon, 11/30/15 - Arbutus Senior Center - Sugar Plum Fairy Afternoon
"I was floating! I still am!" "This is the first time in such a long time that I'm not tired. I feel alive." "Thank God you brought this to us today." "You touched my heart and changed me."

Sun, 11/29/15 - Heartlands Severna Park - Nutcracker
"God will bless you for doing this for us." "Even if I was in the hospital, I would leave so I could be sitting right here, right now." "Three years ago I would not have been caught dead at a ballet. Now I'm your biggest fan." "I loved the narration. It really helped me enjoy it so much." "You represent the marvel of the human body, which carries us all beyond the body."

Sat, 11/28/15 - Forest Hill Heights - Thanksgiving Nutcracker
"I loved this so much that tomorrow when I wake up I will wonder if it was all just a wonderful dream." "Thank you for letting us participate. You make us feel like dancing, and then you let us dance right with you!" "It was so graceful - it just carried me right away." "I will keep my flower near my heart."

Wed, 11/25/15 - Sunrise Columbia - Thanksgiving Nutcracker
"If only you knew what it means to us that you come here." "Now this started off my holiday season off right." "This was the best afternoon I've had in such a long time. I am so happy." "Your dancing makes my heart dance."

Mon, 11/23/15 - Pickersgill - Afternoon with Sugar Plum
"You made me feel that I was dancing. What a wonderful feeling." "This was so unique - the best thing I've ever seen here." "I had no idea this was going to be so amazing." "I am crying because this was so beautiful." "I've never seen a real ballerina so close up. I will never forget it." "I promise you that I will remember today and treasure this flower."

Sun, 11/22/15 - Brooke Grove Cottages - A Thanksgiving Nutcracker
"Beautiful. There's just no other word for today." "Your magic made the sun come out." "We've seen you for four years now, and we love you more every time you're here." "It was spectacular. I'm so happy but so sorry that it's over." "You gave us so much love and energy." "I will love my flower forever."

Fri, 11/20/15 - Brightview Towson - A Sugar Plum Fairy Afternoon
"You gave us some real magic that we needed so much." "I cried today because I remembered such happiness." "Thank you for giving us this wonderful day." "I will keep my flower and dance with it and remember."


Mon, 11/10/16 - Edenwald - Ballerina in Autumn
"You took a long, sad afternoon and made it perfect for me." "You made me feel young." "What you do for us is beyond words." "Don't change a thing." "Susan is the most graceful artist I have ever seen."

Fri, 10/23/15 - Laurel 50+ Center - Autumn Ballerina
"We've been through so much lately. Today marked a new beginning." "We danced together for the first time in such a long while, and we won't stop again." "What an indescribable feeling. My heart is lighter." "You inspire all of us every single day." And from a 4-year-old: "I loved the dancing! I never wanted it to stop."

Sun, 9/27/15 - Brighton Gardens - Autumn Ballet
"These tears are feeling, healing tears." "I can watch a million football games, but this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me." "We will look back at this and remember it for the rest of our lives." "You all are beautiful. The show was beautiful. And the way you made me feel is beautiful."

Sun, 9/20/15 - Heartlands Ellicott City - Autumn Ballet
"I've been to many ballets. They were always beautiful, but they weren't real. This was real." "You are vibrant, luminescent, life-giving people on this earth." "The joy bubbled out of you into us." "You must have wonderful lives because you give so much joy to all of us." "Whenever you are here I am on a fantastic vacation."

Mon, 8/10/15 - North Arundel Health & Rehab - Summer Ballet
"This helped take the pain away." "What you do is so wonderful." "Thank you for never forgetting us." "I wish you could stay with us."

Sat, 8/8/15 - Morningside Ellicott City - Summer Ballet
"I am happy, happy, happy that you come here." "I'm so tired inside, and this was so restful and uplifting." "I wish everyone was able to see this." "I was so excited that I just had to stand up and dance."

Wed, 8/5/15 - Weinberg Village - Summer Ballet
"You have inspired me to live another year so I can come to see you dance for me again." "You made us so happy." "You brought us all into the performance." "What a remarkable evening." "What makes you all different is that you all are amazing people." "Getting to move with you all made me feel really young again."

Mon, 8/3/15 - Forest Haven - Summer Ballet
"I was so down in the dumps and angry. Then you came and changed everything." "I know I'm going to be healed now. I'm going to try to walk again." "I will keep my flower and keep on dancing."

Wed, 7/22/15 - Easter Seals Windsor Mill - Summer Ballet
"This was like being in church. It lifted me up." "I loved the dancing and the music. I love you." "You were born to dance, and you got us dancing." "I forgot my troubles."
Sun, 7/19/15 - Fairhaven - Summer Ballet
"It was so good to feel young again." "Your dancing made me feel beautiful." "I wish you could be here every day." "You changed my world today." "In 60+ years of seeing ballet, this was the best one ever."

Sun, 7/5/15 - Sunrise Annapolis - Happy Birthday America Ballet
"You have no idea what a difference this makes to all of us." "It is always wonderful to have you here." "This reminded me of the stories about Anna Pavlova. So beautiful." "Carnegie Hall was here today." "I love you, and I loved this so much."

Fri, 7/3/15 - The Maples - Happy Birthday to America Ballet
"I will remember this forever." "I felt that I could fly with you." "I'd like to see it again and again." "The kindness of your hearts comes out through your dancing." "I feel so much better after your show." "I wanted to get up and dance with you." "You reminded us that we may not be able to dance with our bodies, but we can dance with our hearts." "You changed my life." From a Staff member: "You all are amazing. Everyone loved every minute - including us."

Fri, 5/29/15 - Atholton School Work Enclave - Michael's Ballet
"In 16 years of partnerships, there has never been one like Ballet Mobile."

Sun, 5/25/15 - Morningside Ellicott City - Memorial Day Ballet
"You all put a smile on our faces. I wish you were all my daughters." "In 65 years of marriage I could never get my husband to a ballet, and here we were today, and he loved it!" "You are like family to us."

Mon, 5/18/15 - Mercy Villa Convent - Ballerinas in Springtime
"I have never heard such beautiful music in this house." "This was a spiritual experience." "You are doing what God wants you to do." "My eyes are wet and my heart is full."

Sun, 5/17/15 - Heartlands Severna Park - Armed Forces Weekend Ballet
"Thank you for sharing this beauty of creation, this wonder of movement, this artistic professionalism and sweetness." "This changed my day." "My Ballet Mobile flowers are everywhere, and I love them. I love you."

Mon, 5/11/15 - Sunrise Silver Spring - Spring Ballerinas
"I had so much fun this afternoon!" "I love dancing with you. You remind me that I always need to dance through life." "I have all my flowers and keep them on my bedside table. They comfort me." "We practice our arm movements so we will be ready to dance with you when you are here." "This brought me back years to such wonderful memories."

Sun, 5/10/15 - Harmony Hall - Mothers' Day Ballet
"I had such a good time today that I forgot all about my walker." "I actually had tears of happiness." "What you brought to us today was really remarkable." "You all bring us love. You are love."

Fri, 5/1/15 - Sunrise of Columbia - Spring Ballet
"Every time you dance here, I love it more." "I haven't seen such good ballet in a long time." "This was the most fun I've had in a long time." "All of you are beautiful people."

Tues, 4/28/15 - O'Malley Senior Center - Ballerina in Springtime
"I am so tickled by today. I can't wipe the smile from my face!" "Thank you for giving so much of yourselves." "We had such fun dancing together!" "I really loved this experience."

Sun, 4/26/15 - Brooke Grove Nursing Center - Ballerina in Springtime
"You really turned things around for me and made this day a happy one." "I remembered such wonderful, special times today. I felt the joy."  "Every time you come here, you make us all feel better."

Mon, 4/20/15 - Laurel 50+ Center - Spring Ballet
"This made my day." "I feel like one of your groupies. I have seen you three times at three different places, and I will keep coming whenever I can. I love your shows." "I am seeing so many possibilities now." "I am inspired."

Sun, 4/19/15 - Selborne House - Spring Ballet
"I'm already looking forward to next year." "The music, the dancing, the narration - it was a dream come true." "I was so moved. You acknowledged our feelings through art." "This was picture perfect."

Tues, 4/7/15 - Edenwald - Ballerina in Springtime
"I didn't know what to expect. I never thought I'd feel so much. It was magical." "The flowers are so pretty, and they will continue to inspire me." "You are all so good to us." "This was  much more than entertainment. I was involved. I was young again. And you helped me look forward, too."

Mon, 4/6/15 - Fairhaven - Ballerina in Springtime
"I wish you never had to leave." "This is the best thing I've seen here in six years." "What wonderful ballet this was - and it caters to us older people." "I wanted this to go on and on." "I was in tears from the beauty of this. My heart was right up there dancing with Susan. What an afternoon!" "You gave me my dreams back." "This touched me to my very core."

Mon, 3/30/15 - Forest Haven - Spring Ballet
"We live for this." "I wish you would never leave, but I have my flower and it will remind me that you care." "This was so uplifting." "I was right up there with you." "You reminded me that Spring means hope." "I love you."

Fri, 3/27/15 - Morningside House - Ballerinas in Springtime
"It's such a special day when you come. You make us happy. I look forward to it so much." "This will sustain me for a long time." "I feel so much better than when I came." "Breathtakingly beautiful! You helped me smile again." "You got us all moving, and we had fun!"

Sun, 3/22/15 - Heartlands Ellicott City - Almost Springtime Ballet
"It's always the best day when you come visit us." "This is so good for our souls." "This was the very embodiment of all things beautiful." "Seeing this makes everything seem OK." "I always wanted to dance. Today I feel that I did." "You make the world a better place." "Dance speaks to all dimensions of our humanity. You helped us hear them."

Mon, 3/16/15 - North Arundel Health and Rehab - Afternoon with Your Ballerina
"We needed this so much." "You took me to yesterday and gave me hope for tomorrow, too." "This touched me so much today." "Just hearing the music lifted my heart. And then we all were dancing." "How kind you always are to all of us. I'm ready to face tomorrow."

Sun, 3/8/15 - Brighton Gardens of Columbia - Daylight Savings Time Ballet

"I always wanted to dance, and I feel that I danced today." "I was so into it, and it touched me more than I can say." "Today refreshed my soul." "I felt so sick this morning, but everyone told me I had to come. I am a different person now." "My mom will remember this; she doesn't remember everything, but she will remember this." "What you all did today was from your hearts...and it permeated mine..."


Mon, 1/12/15 - The Maples of Towson - Afternoon with Sugar Plum Fairy

"You were gliding on air and you took me with you." "I am so grateful you brought this to us today." "I felt like a dancer today." "What you were able to do here today was remarkable. I loved every minute." "This flower means so much to me. I will place it in a special basket I made for the holidays." "What an experience!" From a staff member: "You hit it out of the park with this performance."

Sun, 1/11/15 - Sunrise Columbia - Auld Lang Syne Nutcracker

"I am crying and crying because this was so wonderful." "You have to know just how much joy you have brought to us." "I feel better now." "I expected this to be good. I never expected it to be this beautiful." From a staff member: "I am so thankful to be working in a place where I can watch a wonderful ballet right from my desk."

Sun, 1/4/15 - Lorien Belair - Auld Lang Syne Nutcracker

"Thank you for this spot of joy in our lives." "This made my day." "You really did make magic. The world seems kinder now." "You reminded me of my dreams." "I feel so relaxed and happy after dancing with my flower."

Sat, 1/3/15 - Emeritus Pikesville - Auld Lang Syne Nutcracker

"I only have one wish. When you come back, I would like to be here to join you." "This is the best show I've ever seen." "I hope everyone's new year is as beautiful as this show was." "This took me back to the days when I was on the dance floor."

Tues, 12/30/14 - Easter Seals - A New Year's Nutcracker

"I felt this in my heart." "I kiss your hand for what you brought to us today." "You have no idea what this means to us." "You restored my joy." "I am so happy that I could be here with my grandchildren to see this." "I love my flower, and I will remember today." "Everything about this was wonderful." From the Director of Activities: "I am so thankful and elated."

Mon, 12/29/14 - Edenwald - Auld Lang Syne Nutcracker

"What a blessing this was. You have no idea how much this meant to me." "Every single moment was beautiful, and I will hold it in my heart during the new year." "My children loved it, my mother loved it, and I loved it! You all are awesome!"

Sun, 12/28/14 - Sunrise Silver Spring - Auld Lang Syne Nutcracker

"I've waited all year for this." "You gave me such happiness today. I will carry that with me for a long, long time." "It is so wonderful to be able to see a real ballet again."

Tues, 12/23/14 - Weinberg Village - Nutcracker

"Every single one of you is an angel." "What an evening!" "This Nutcracker was amazing and enchanting." "Tonight restored my faith."

Mon, 12/22/14 - Brooke Grove Nursing Center - Nutcracker

"I will always remember the love in your eyes as you danced for us." "What you do for us is truly phenomenal." "On Christmas day I will look at my flower and remember this."

Sun, 12/21/14 - Brighton Gardens - Nutcracker

"This was my first exposure to ballet. I loved it. I am looking forward to your next visit so I can catch up." "Marvelous!" "What beautiful experiences you bring us." "Now I can say that the holidays have really arrived."

Sat, 12/20/14 - St. Martin's - Nutcracker

"You all could have been on stage with Margot Fonteyn." "The music and the dancers were breathtaking." "What a wonderful evening!" "I remembered all kinds of happy things tonight." And from one of the Directors: "I was so happy to see all our residents alert and really enjoying the performance. You even got them to move a little bit. What a delight!"


Sun, 12/14/14 - Heartlands Ellicott City - Nutcracker

"I could watch this over and over again. So beautiful!" "Stupendous!" "I'm so grateful I was here." "I make it a point when Ballet Mobile is coming that I will be here in the front row." "I'm here every time you're here, and I love you more and more." "I've seen so many shows in NYC in my life, and this was better, and you were all right here with me." "I loved every minute."

Sat, 12/13/14 - Morningside Ellicott City - Nutcracker

"I had such a sad heart when I came in here tonight. Now my heart is full." "It means so much to us that you keep visiting, and I love watching every minute of every show you bring us." "My flower will remind me of many happy Christmases long ago." From a Staff Member: "Our residents are always happy when you are here."

Wed, 12/10/14 - Atholton Work Enclave - Nutcracker

"I had a lot of fun watching." "I liked the story." From a teacher: "This was a wonderful show - so enjoyable for everyone and so understandable. What a treat!" From another teacher: "This was memorable."

Sun, 12/7/14 - Sunrise of Annapolis - Nutcracker

"This was like a shot of life for me." "It was a privilege to be here today and experience this." "You all bring us such sweetness and attention." And from a staff member: "Everybody loved it today. They always love it when you are here."

Sat, 12/6/14 - Harmony Hall - Nutcracker

"You bring such happiness to our community." "I've seen lots of dance. None of it has touched me physically, emotionally, or mentally as much as this show today." "The integration of the music, narration and dancing was perfect. It brought back such wonderful memories that will go with me forever." "You make such a contribution to humanity." From a staff member: "This was therapeutic for everyone in this room."

Sun, 11/30/14 - Heartlands Severna Park - Nutcracker

"I saw the glory of the universe through your performance today. I will remember it for the rest of my life." "I have every flower you have ever given me. I look at them and am happy."

Sat, 11/29/14 - North Arundel Health and Rehab - Nutcracker

"You always make us feel so much better." "I am so thankful to be in America, where we have such gifts as the one you gave us today with this performance." "I was dancing right along with you. Did you see me?"


Wed, 11/26/14 - Lighthouse - A Thanksgiving Nutcracker

"I have seen so many Nutcrackers. This was the very sweetest." "A splendid show! I was so glad to be here!" "The magic happened right in front of us, and I was thrilled to be a part of it." "I was able to appreciate and understand it all. It made me feel happy." "You gave me the most wonderful experience I have had in many years. I will always remember."

Sun, 11/23/14 - Brooke Grove Assisted Living - Thanksgiving Nutcracker

"I cannot find the words to describe how wonderful this was." "Everything was perfect: the music, dancing, costumes..." I wish today was on DVD so that I could watch it over and over again."

Sat, 11/22/14 - Rock Spring Village - Thanksgiving Nutcracker

"I felt that I was dancing right up there with you all." "My whole family loved this - from my great grandmother to my three year old!" "This flower means so much to me. I will treasure it forever." From the Activities Director: "This is fabulous, and we have to have it every year."

Tues, 11/18/14 - Somerford - Autumn Blessings Ballet

"Bless you for this today." "I had so much fun dancing with you!" "You could make Maryland come alive with what you do."

Sat, 11/15 and Sun, 11/16 - Arts Center - Nutcracker Sweet

"Every moment of this show was lovely." "You helped us all feel that we were part of the show." "I feel so much better now than when I arrived." "This show was a brilliant display of dancing and music. I was enraptured." "I had no idea it would move me so much."

Tues, 11/4/14 - Mercy Villa Convent - Election Day Ballet

"This was inspirational." "A glorious experience!" "I have never seen anything so beautiful in my entire life." "This is the best thing we have ever seen here." From a staff member: "It was amazing to all the Sisters moving and dancing!"

Mon, 11/3/14 - Brinton Woods Arlington West - Nutcracker

"This helped me so much." "I feel better." "Thank you for dancing with me." "This was the nicest thing that has happened to me in a long time." "God bless you all for coming today." "I take it one day at a time now, and this really made today special."


                                                                "YOU RESTORED MY JOY"

                                             "I SAW THE GLORY OF THE UNIVERSE"


Fri, 10/24/14 - Atholton High School - Afternoon Ballet

"I had so much fun!" "Now I understand!!" "This was incredibly special."

Sun, 10/19/14 - Emeritus Pikesville - Autumn Ballet

"This was the greatest show I have ever seen." "Remarkable!" "You all danced with such love." "I will keep this flower and remember today." "This brought back wonderful memories."

Mon, 10/13/14 - Forest Haven - Columbus Day Ballet

"We really needed this." "Your smiles helped us remember how to smile." "This was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." From a staff member: "We love you because you care so much about our people."

Sun, 10/5/14 - Brooke Grove Nursing Center - Autumn Ballet

"You raised me up beyond words. You have no idea how much this means to me." "Thank you for helping me bring back so many memories. I felt young again."  From a staff member: "Our residents talk about you all the time." From the Activities Director: "Thank you for being here and offering our residents such an amazing afternoon!"

Sun, 9/28/14 - North Arundel Health & Rehab - Autumn Ballet

"You made me forget about the pain." "You brought light here today." "You helped me remember that I am not alone." "I found myself again today."

Sun, 9/21/14 - Brighton Gardens - Autumn Ballet

"I wanted to cry because I was so happy that I was able to be here today to see this." "I hope Christmas comes fast so that we can see you sooner." "There was a football game today, but they will play next week, and you were here today. So that's where I wanted to be." "This was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." "I keep all my Ballet Mobile flowers in a special vase, and I look at them all the time and think of you."

Sun, 9/14/14 - Bedford Court - Autumn Ballet

"You made me live again." "You were a gift to me - a true gift." "This was the most wonderful thing that has happened here." "You make me so proud to be an American." "I was completely engrossed." "You brought such energy to all of us, and I will feel that when I look at my flowers."

Fri, 9/12/14 - Morningside House - Autumn Ballet Afternoon

"Once again, this was the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time." "You are so good for all of us." "I look forward to your visits so much, and I will hang in there until your next one." "You all just keep getting better and better." "My flowers mean everything to me." "I love you so much."

Sun, 8/10/14 - Harmony Hall - Summer Ballet

"I was so upset about everything when I came today. Now I have hope." "This program really touched me. You made everything so much better." "I will hold my flower and feel that I am dancing with you." "I've never seen anything like this. It was wonderful." "It was like watching real live princesses." "I love arranging flowers, and I am going to make a special bouquet of all my Ballet Mobile flowers. They will help me." And from a staff member: "What you do is tremendous."

Mon, 8/4/14 - Weinberg Village - Summer Ballet

"It was so beautiful I wanted to sob." "I was transported." "I was so nervous and unhappy when I came tonight. Now I am completely different. So at peace. So relaxed." "I had never seen ballet before tonight. I loved every second." "This was so uplifting." "Tonight was awe-inspiring."  "I had no idea I would like this so much." "Who are you incredible people? How do you make all this happen?"


Sun, 8/3/14 - St. Martin's - Summer Ballerinas

"You are perfect. This was perfect." "I am so glad that I came." "This reminded me of some very special occasions in my life." "Watching Susan and Rebecca was like watching beautiful birds. My brother and I used to take long walks together and watch the birds." "Dance was so important in my life. Before it, I was only a shadow. With it, I was whole. Today brought it all back, and I am whole again."

Mon, 7/21/14 - Forest Haven - Ballet for Health and Healing

"I haven't been to the ballet in so long, and I loved it so much. You brought it all back." "You'll remember me, won't you? I will remember all of you." "I will be right here - waiting for you to come back in October." "I love you all." "You reminded me of how much fun I used to have when I would dance the jitterbug. Those were happy days. I haven't thought about them in a very long time." From one of the Center's leaders: "What you do is unbelievable."

Mon, 7/14/14 - Lighthouse - A July Afternoon with Ballerinas

"All I had to do was sit here, and Lincoln Center came to me." "I'm not sure how you did it, but you brought out the best in me." "I've been here for two years, and this is my favorite day ever." "This was so memorable." "I'll always remember Susan and Colleen dancing." "What you do is just awesome." From the Activities Director: "I love you guys. You are the best." From the Interim Executive Director: "You are so engaging. Everyone participated. What an afternoon!"

Sun, 7/13/14- Brinton Woods Arlington West- Summer Ballet

"This was so beautiful." "I loved this. Everybody is so pretty." "I loved being able to dance with you." "They give me so much medicine. This was better than any of it." "You put a smile on my face." "I can't dance anymore, but today made me feel that I was dancing again." From an Activities Leader: "You all are really great. This was wonderful for everyone."

Mon, 7/7/14 - Sisters at Village Julie - Summer Ballet

"We are deeply thankful for the gift that you share with us when you visit." "Ballet Mobile not only brings us a glorious aesthetic experience; it's also a learning experience for all of us." "There was so much love here today." "The connections you helped me make today were wonderful, and I could not have done it without you."

Sun, 7/6/14 - Heartlands Ellicott City - Ballerinas

"The key word for me from today is healing, and I will take it with me and remember." "I felt that we were all up there dancing with Susan and Colleen." "I am so thankful I was here today. I knew I loved your program, but I didn't really know anything about ballet until today. Now I feel I know a little bit and can enjoy it even more!" "Watching Susan and Colleen was like watching the very essence of the spirit."

Thurs, 7/3/14 - Morningside - Ballet in Memory of Our Friend

"You all have a gift. And you share that gift with all of us. That is the greatest gift of all." "The connection you share with us is from heart to heart. We all get stronger even in our sadness." "Today was magnificent. What a tribute." "What can we say? We don't need words after this." From the Activities Director: "I am deeply moved by your love and consideration for my residents."

                                                "LINCOLN CENTER CAME TO ME"

Sun, 6/1/14 - Sunrise Annapolis - Almost Summertime Ballet
"This really took me back. I saw myself playing the piano and singing again. I remembered how it felt." "You gave me a shot of life." "I couldn't believe you could do all that in such a small space!" "Everyone felt so much better after your show." "You really know how to touch people's hearts."

Mon, 5/26/14 - Sunrise Silver Spring - Memorial Day Ballet

"When I watched Susan and Rebecca today, it was like watching the angels." "I can't see very well anymore, but I could see everything in my heart. And that was enough."

Sun, 5/18/14 - Brooke Grove - Patriotic Ballet and More!

"You make me proud to be an American." "I loved it! I loved it! I loved it!" "You pushed me back so many years, and I was so happy remembering..." "Thank you for such a lovely afternoon." "You always make me cry because it is so beautiful." From the Life Enrichment Director: "Truly phenomenal."

Sun, 5/11/14 - Sunrise of Columbia - Mothers' Day Ballet

"You gave my mother some beautiful memories today." "My daughter and I have been reminiscing about some very happy times, thanks to you." "I was counting the hours until your performance. Every time you come it moves me more."

Mon, 5/5/14 - Weinberg Village - Spring Day with a Ballerina

"This is the best show I have ever seen in my entire life, and I am 94 years old." "Susan's dancing was exquisite. I felt I was up there dancing with her." "Renee, Susan, and Robert gave us such a gift today. We will remember it always." "Never in my life have I ever seen professional ballet so close up. I am awed." "This was so much more than just watching beautiful ballet. We all were transported." "I am 93 years old, and you have inspired me."

Sun, 5/4/14 - Heartlands Severna Park - Ballerina in Spring

"It was an honor to be here to watch this today." "All my flowers from you are in a special vase. They remind me of this happiness." "You helped me remember such good times." "Ballet Mobile helps us all feel joy again."

Sat, 5/3/14 - Howard County Arts Center - Girl Scout Ballet

"I had such a good time!" "I loved dancing with the ballerinas." From the Troop Leader: "This was a wonderful program and so good for the girls!" From another adult chaperone: "What you do is so remarkable and so good for our Community."


Sun, 4/27/14 - Selborne House of Dorsey Hall - Spring Ballet

"Today was an embarrassment of riches. We are overwhelmed." "After today I really feel that music is the canvas, and the dancers are the colors." "This was so inspiring. The dancers were perfect. Everything was perfect." "What you did today for me was very special. You did it for us all. I'm not sure how to characterize it, but we are all different after this."

Mon, 4/21/14 - Edenwald - Spring Ballet

"Always remember what joy you bring to people who don't experience much joy in their lives." "You moved us to tears." "This will sustain me." "This was so exquisite. A magnificent afternoon." "I am so glad I came. I danced in my head and heart, and now I have my flowers to help me do it again." "You have no idea what it means to me that you remembered me." From the Activities Coordinator: "You had them all moving! They really love you, and they will talk about this for weeks. So will we."

Sat, 4/12/14 - Morningside Ellicott City - Springtime Ballet

"Remember that we are all here waiting for you to come back and make this magic happen." "You helped me keep hanging in there. I love you all so much." "You make me feel special, and that's a feeling I haven't had for a long time." From a staff member: "We will do anything for you. Our residents love it when you're here, so we love you, too."

Sun, 3/30/14 - Autumn of Bel Air - No Foolin' Spring Ballet

"You made me feel young again." "Today touched me so much that I am crying - the beautiful music, the dancing, the flowers. I remembered happiness because you brought it here." "Please come back. I will be waiting for you." "This brought back so many memories."

Sun, 3/23/14 - Heartlands Ellicott City - Springtime Ballet

"You all are the embodiment of all that is heavenly." "You bring such life to this place!" "I had the most wonderful time." "I felt that I was dancing right up there with you." "You had us all singing and dancing today - and remembering some very happy times."

Mon, 3/10/14 - Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Residence

"You explained so much to us about ballet; I loved it." "This was a spiritual experience." "Susan took us with her in her dancing." And from the Activities Director: "You brought a great deal of joy to the Sisters today."


Sun, 3/9/14 - Brighton Gardens - Daylight Savings Time Ballet

"WOW!" "This was the best program I have ever seen. I loved it, and I love you, and I keep all my flowers close to me." "You all look ready to fly, and you make us feel that we can fly, too." "You bring us so much energy and love." "I don't have the words to tell you what you put back in my heart."

Sun, 3/2/14 - A Ballet Evening - Emeritus Pikesville

"I was not going to stay for more than ten minutes, but here I have sat for the entire evening. I didn't want to miss a thing." "You gave me back such beautiful memories. Look! I'm laughing!" "This was the shortest hour I've lived through in a long time." "You heal people."

Sun, 1/5/14 - A New Year's Nutcracker - Rock Spring Village

"I felt like I was part of your show, and I will never forget it." "What you did with this gorgeous music was a miracle." "I will feel this tremendous energy for a long time." "This was the most inspiring thing I have ever seen." From a Staff Member: "What you did for these people was unbelievable."

Sat, 1/4/14 - A New Year's Nutcracker - North Arundel H&R

"You couldn't pay me enough money not to come to your performances." "You told us to remember our dreams. I'm going to start singing again." "This made my heart go to mush." "This gave me hope." "Can you come every week?"

Ballet Mobile's Balletmobile Sculpture pirouetted through Baltimore in the annual American Visionary Art Museum's Kinetic Sculpture Race on June 14, 2015. Inspiring and happy, "Kitri" represented the essence of Ballet Mobile's mission: to share joy and hope through dance and music.