Every Tuesday at 2:00 in Building V.
Next session is April 14-June 16.

All of us remember our beloved Teel Byrne.
Graceful dancer, gifted author, magnificent cook, generous spirit,
kindest of friends, most loving of family, our true Sweetheart.
Teel, you are always dancing with us.

Ballet Mobile house calls have always included group movement with our audiences to stimulate participation, interaction, and cognitive activity. Now Ballet Mobile teaches ballet classes to these remarkable seniors at Weinberg Village in their own spaces.

Described in Dance Studio Life - Read all about it!
Above, Weinberg Dancers lead the audience in a Ballet Mobile house call.
Meet GAYLE with Arnold, Betsy, Betty S and Betty M, Bobbe, Bobi, Carole,
Cecilia, Dolores, Dora, Enner, Esther, Florence, Fraydel, Jeannette,
Joanne, Iris, Les, Libby, Melody, Mignon, Mike, Mildred,
Nancy B, Nancy S, Nate, Rose, San, Shirley,Thelma, Tricia, Warren, and Everyone!

"If there is such a word as 'un-graceful' - that is what I felt on my first day of class.

Now - I don't feel that way! For 99 -- that 'ain't' bad!"

"This class is pure joy."

"I look forward to this all week long and listen to my music in between."

"When I listen to music now, I visualize myself floating on air."
"I feel stronger."

"I am very happy to be here."

"I love how I feel after class."

"This class helps me feel better about myself."

"This class makes me aware of myself."

"This class is one of the best things I do."

"I feel better because of this class."
"This is really important in our lives."
"I move better now."
"The most important thing we do in this class is to learn to use the strength and balance we forget we have."

"I feel I have better control of my body."

"I avoided at least two falls thanks to this."

"The exercises we do

come up in daily living"

"I love flowing with the music."

"This has become part

of my life."

"After this class I am upbeat...I love this class."

"This class makes me feel young."

"I can't believe I'm doing all this. It gives me confidence."


by Teel's children's pig story


"I always feel better after class."

"This class is needed for all seniors to do something for their bodies."


the Many Positive Effects of

Ballet and Music on Seniors:

Improving Reaction Time, Posture, Spatial Orientation, Flexibility, Peripheral Vision, Balance, Confidence, Stamina, Coordination, Memory, and Well-Being
Read the 2013 United Kingdom report describing the
scientific foundations
of the benefit of dance for older adults.

In our 6th year of
weekly ballet classes.

This is real ballet with all its cognitive and physical benefits, specially designed to meet seniors' needs.

The program builds on evidence-driven data. 

Helping to prevent falls
and to reduce anxiety.
"How grateful I am for this class and the camaraderie and fun we all have."

"I am so proud that I am able to do this."

"I feel so peaceful."

"I enjoy getting together

and dreaming of dancing."

We honor our

most beloved

former Weinberg Dancers.

"I feel beautiful."

"I am so happy to have this in my life."

"I need this in my life."

"I feel this class helps keep my Parkinson's under control."

"I stop worrying about everything and just let myself get lost in the music."

"I am so grateful for the meditations that give me such personal happiness."

"I adore dancing to this beautiful music."

"I forget all my aches and pains."

"I always feel better after this class."

"We are reminded that we can have fun at any age."
"It's fantastic!"

"I love it!"

"This class pushes me to the max, given my age and physical condition. It gives me confidence."

"This class is essential for me."

"What I do in this class helps me to gracefully move my body."

"This class is the highlight of my week."

"What I do in this class helps me let the best of me out."

"I think this class is better than medicine."

"Can't wait for more!"

"When I leave here I have energy."

"This is a very helpful class for

mind, body, and soul."

"This class helps me take care of myself."
BRAVO to our Weinberg Dancers, who performed
 a Lecture-Demonstration at the Rosenbloom Owings Mills
Jewish Community Center's Performa on
Sunday, February 12, 2017!

"These classes are very important for me to maintain my physical integrity."

"I set goals for myself in this class. I dream of dancing."
Excerpts from an Essay by Weinberg Dancer Les Poris, Spring, 2015

"...I received a flyer announcing a class was starting that would improve cognitive memory through exercise...The program involved learning ballet moves...I'm trying to visualize a 6 foot tall gray haired, balding behemoth trying to do delicate ballet moves. That sight was just too funny (or scary) to contemplate. I thought, well I'm here, might as well give it a try...

"Each week...the lessons got a little more intense and, as Renée would say, we were increasing our "cognitive load"..."With a few breaks to hydrate I was getting a 45 minute workout and actually breaking a sweat, not my bones.

"As the weeks went by I felt less rigid and more graceful (I use the word loosely)... My cognitive memory seemed to improve, as far as ballet was concerned. I still couldn't remember why I went from the living room to the refrigerator but ballet was getting to be a fun workout.

"The weeks went by quickly...Renée handed out 'report cards' showing how we improved. I was quite impressed with my progress. I even began to get compliments. 'You look so light on your feet.' 'You are so graceful.' I'm thinking, 'You folks need your eyes checked quickly.'

"I can tell you that my balance has improved, my memory, as it relates to the ballet, has improved, and I am getting exercise. It is a workout and I am having fun..."