Meet Ballet Mobile
Maryland's Bookmobile of Dance
We are on the road again -
dancing outside and creating BEAUTY.
Feel the music of our love.
We miss you and hold you in the Light.
Please be healthy and safe.


Ballet Mobile is a charitable performing arts organization, always on the road making house calls. Its mission is best reflected through Emily Dickinson's poem:


If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain;

If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain,

Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again,

I shall not live in vain.

Everyone in Ballet Mobile is a volunteer, hoping to "ease one life the aching" through music, movement, and inspiration. Ballet Mobile is modeled on the Bookmobile, making Beautiful Ballet-to-Go a reality.

A Baltimore Ravens Community Quarterback Awardee

 Renée Meyer

Renée is the Founding and Artistic Director of Ballet Mobile. She creates, narrates, and directs all Ballet Mobile house calls.

 Renée and
the Weinberg Dancers!

Since 2014, Renée and Ballet Mobile have taught seniors at Weinberg Village in Owings Mills, MD. The program has proved over time that ballet improves seniors' memory, balance, mood, coordination, concentration, agility, and patience. Here is Weinberg Dancer Shirley.

Susan Moore
Principal Artist Susan is a professional ballet dancer, often dancing one-woman-shows.
 Robert Stokes

Lead Roadie

Lead Roadie Robert is an attorney, historian, author,
Rebecca Gould
Rebeca is a professional middle school English-as-a-Second-Language teacher.
Deirdre Kleinow
Deirdre is a professional second-grade school teacher.
Sarah Whiteford
Sarah is a professional singer, dancer, and musical theater performer and teacher.
Lily Coombs
A Howard County junior, Lily is an avid reader, devoted cat lover, and active honor school student.
Robert "Drosselmeyer" Glaze
Visiting Guest Artists
Jayla Allums, Gabrielle Corrigan, Jasmine Glaze, Abby Kallmyer, Brooke Powell, Caslin Sisk,
Alison Wall, and others!
Visiting Choreographer
Angela Walker

For over ten years Ballet Mobile has taken really good ballet out of a dark theater and shared it with people who otherwise might not be able to experience it.

Ballet Mobile's "M&Ms" stand for Music, Movement, and guided Meditation. M&Ms are integrated into interactive, healing programs designed to improve the well-being of everyone experiencing them.

The handmade silk flower bouquets gifted to all audience members help remind them of the experience long after the program ends. They dance with them during the performances.

Evidence-based research about the positive effects of dance and music underpins Ballet Mobile's house calls. Everyone has the chance to move, retrieve cherished memories, regain inspiration, watch wonderful artistry, and dance with their flowers and hearts.

The Weinberg Dancers Program!

Ballet Mobile: On-the-Road, All-the-Time

Ballet Mobile is all about them, not us.