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"I have never seen all my people participating so much at the same time - so alert, awake, and happy.
You breathed life into all of them today."
"It's more than the beautiful performance. It's the fact that you all care so much. "
"This means the world to my people. They'll talk about it for weeks and weeks. And they really treasure their flowers. It's as if they can re-live today through those flowers."

"You made my people happy. That is the most important thing to me."

"You bring unconditional love, kindness, and friendship...

You allow my patients to not focus on their pain or disease...."

"Ballet Mobile reminds us that we are not defined by our wheelchairs or our age.
What defines us all is Love ...
I see joy, love, happiness, and HOPE on my residents' faces ...
... How special what you share and do is to those who are hurting..
[Heather Mullican, Activities Director, Sanctuary Holy Cross]

Ballet Mobile Friends are always welcome at house calls.
Be inspired, help roadie, and meet some wonderful people.
Call 410-382-1377 or email for more information.

Mon, 9/3/18, 2:30 - Brooke Grove Nursing Center - Labor Day Ballet

Wed, 9/5/18, 2:30 - Arbor Ridge Riderwood - September Ballerina

Fri, 9/7/18, 2:00 - Brightview Annapolis - September Ballerina

Mon, 10/8/18, 2:00 - Brightview Annapolis - Columbus Day Ballerina

Sat, 10/20/18, 2:00 - Brightview Belair - Ballerina in Autumn

Sat, 11/17/18, 2:30 - Brightview South River - A Thanksgiving Nutcracker

Wed, 11/21/18, 2:30 - Arbor Ridge at Riderwood - Thanksgiving Nutcracker

Sat, 11/24/18, 2:00 - Brightview Annapolis - A Thanksgiving Nutcracker

Sun, 11/25/18, 2:00 - Heartlands Severna Park -  A Thanksgiving Nutcracker

Fri, 11/30/18, 2:30 - Brightview Perry Hall - Holiday Ballerina

Sun, 12/2/18, 2:00 - Heartlands Ellicott City - Nutcracker

Sat, 12/15/18, 1:30 - Brighton Gardens - Nutcracker

Mon, 12/17/18, 2:30 - Brooke Grove Nursing Center - Holiday Ballerina

Sun, 12/23/18, 3:00 - Sunrise Annapolis - Nutcracker

Thurs, 12/27/18, 3:00 - Brightview Towson - New Year's Nutcracker

Fri, 12/28/18, 2:00 - Pickersgill - New Year's Nutcracker

Sun, 12/30/18, 2:30 - Brightview Severna Park - New Year's Nutcracker

Sat, 1/5/19: 2:30 - Buckingham's Choice - New Year's Nutcracker

Sun, 1/6/19, 2:00 - Morningside Friendship - New Year's Nutcracker

Tues, 1/8/19, 1:30 - Springwell - Afternoon with the New Year's Fairy

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"My people were overwhelmed by the beauty. It was so heartwarming to watch."
"It's more than the performance. It's the fact that you all care so much."
"It's incredible how you get everyone moving and engaged."
"Whatever Ballet Mobile does is always the best."
"I can't believe you give every staff member a flower, too. You really are something.
We all benefit from your house calls."
"Our residents listen to a great deal of music, but rarely if ever get to see dancing.
It was wonderful to see their eyes light up today."
People tell us ...
"My mother loved you all so much. Nothing could ever be scheduled when you were going to be here. Her Ballet Mobile flowers made her so happy. You made her so happy."
[A Daughter of One of Our Favorite Residents]
"Your organization is truly made up of angels who bring such joy to those who watch the performances. We are so thankful..."
[A Loving Daughter of One of Our Audience Members]
"What you bring my residents is so different, so special and meaningful. It changes them."
[An Activities Director at a Nursing Center]
"My residents have never loved a group as much as they love you."
[North Arundel Health and Rehab]

I watched every single resident's face change - soften - become young and happy again."

"You really lifted everyone's spirits. I saw a transformation in everyone there."

"You came here today and changed lives. It was remarkable. I have no words."
"You made everything so easy. I could relax and enjoy the program with everyone!"

"Hands down, every single one of my residents had nothing but positive things to say.

You really brightened everyone's day."


"I do not have the words to express my admiration, respect, and

gratitude for what Ballet Mobile does."

"Today I saw people smile who rarely if ever do. What a gift."

"Blessings to all of you. We look forward to each of your visits."

It is a really beautiful thing you do in providing this art form to so many."

"I wish you could be here every week."

"Last night was touched the hearts and souls of SO MANY!!!

It was an honor to be in the audience."


"You are my favorite group. You inspire all of us, and we all love you."

"You're everything I heard you were ... and so much more."

"What you do is so beautiful. So healing for all of us."

"My residents need you and love you. You really make a difference here."

"I consider your visits to be a perk of my job."

"Some of my residents were so down.This really helped them.They all loved it."


Contact us to arrange for a house call for the special people you care about.

"It is always such a pleasure when you visit. You raise us all up."
"My residents love having you here. They talk about it for a long time afterwards."
"I enjoyed the show as much as my residents. We all let ourselves relax and fly."
"I've seen more smiles here today than in a long time."




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