Meet Ballet Mobile

"This has been the most extraordinary experience in my life. I remember who I am now. I will not forget again, and I will always remember you."
"When the Ballerina came up to me, I found that I had no words. I just bowed my head and kissed her hand."
 Ballet Mobile is a charitable and educational performing arts company that delivers and dances Love right to people's living rooms.
"You took away some of the sadness here today."
"You healed my heart today."
Ballet Mobile's mission is best reflected through Emily Dickinson's poem.


"If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain;

If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain,

Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again,

I shall not live in vain."

We make our theaters where people live: in the LIGHT and BRINGING LIGHT.
"I am blind, but I could see the Music today."
"This was so healing for me at a devastating time in my life. I think I was meant to be here, to see this, and to feel some hope through the bleakness. I have begun to breathe again and to find myself."
"I'm an old New Yorker, and it's been so long since I've seen something like this. I'd forgotten this sensation of feeling so much from such a remarkable experience. I will never forget again."
"My friend dragged me here because until today I didn't like Ballet at all. You changed my mind."
Dance with us.
 Renée Meyer

Founding and Artistic Director

Creating, narrating, and directing Ballet Mobile's

house calls.

"Your words were a gift to me - a gift of Life."

Susan Moore
Principal Artist
Professional ballet dancer

"You took us away with you when you danced."

Gifted visual artist
Magnificent, inspiring ballerina

"I was mesmerized as I watched you."

 Robert Stokes
Director, Lead Roadie, and Photographer
Attorney, historian, author, and EXPERT SCHLEPPER
Rebecca Gould
Middle-school English-as-a-Second-Language teacher
Former contestant on JEOPARDY!
Deirdre Kleinow
Second-grade public school teacher
Sarah Whiteford
Specialist in musical theater
Musical theater choreographer, dance instructor, and performer
Robert Glaze
Beloved "Drosselmeyer" in our Nutcracker Holiday Ballets
Middle-school teacher

"I wish you'd come back tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that, and every single day. We love you so much. I never let myself go the way I do when you are here. You are spectacular, the best thing they offer us here. We need you."
"You reminded me of dancing with my husband on our wedding day, the best day of my life."

"You bring us so much happiness."

No matter what kind of chair they're sitting in,

Ballet Mobile audiences dance with handmade silk flower bouquets gifted to them during the experience.

"You have no idea how much you helped me today. I am alive again."
"I wasn't feeling much like getting dressed and coming downstairs until I heard that you were all coming. Then I got dressed really fast. I wouldn't miss you."
"I feel that we have known each other a long, long time."
"I'm going to be walking on a cloud every time I think about today."
We love what we do.
Ballet Mobile is modeled on the Bookmobile.
In our 14th year,
we make Beautiful Ballet-to-Go a reality.
Bringing and Celebrating LIFE and HOPE

Ballet Mobile: On-the-Road

Ballet Mobile's "M&Ms" are

Music, Movement, and guided Meditation.

Our interactive, healing experiences improve everyone's well-being.

We take really good ballet out of a dark theater and share it with people

who otherwise might not be able to experience it.

Everyone has the chance to move, retrieve cherished memories, regain inspiration, watch wonderful artistry, and dance with their flowers and hearts.

Long after the experience, these handmade bouquets remind them of joy.

No matter what kind of chair they're sitting in,

Ballet Mobile audiences dance with handmade silk flower bouquets gifted to them during the experience.

"I never thought I'd get a Valentine today. You gave me a beautiful bouquet and so much more. You gave me back myself."
"Life has been so difficult lately. Today you gave me back a piece of my soul."
"You made me feel young again and reminded me of how my nanny used to tell me that even when your Life is tough, it is still yours to LIVE."
Ballet Mobile Artist Alison Wall Porter is a California-based Scientist. She visits, dances with, and joins us as her schedule permits.

Former Ballet Mobile artists are scattered all over the United States, dancing full time and dancing while practicing medicine, engineering new biomedical technologies, counseling, nursing, teaching, and managing organizations. They include Jayla Allums, Zara Anwar, Nina Berkman, Lily Coombs, Gabrielle Corrigan, Hannah Echols, Erica Farrell, Jasmine Glaze, Jessica Jones, Abby Kallmyer, Colleen Kerwin, Abby Munro, Brooke Powell, Jennifer Redil, Maddie Salkeld, Caslin Sisk, Rebecca Ross Thompson, and Maddie Welsh.

Angela Walker of Kansas City, MO is Ballet Mobile's Guest Choreographer; she and husband John helped found and shape the Company, and Angela herself was one of Ballet Mobile's Founding Feet dancers.
Ballet Mobile is all about them, not us.
We are together through the music - wherever you are.
Dance with us,
no matter what kind of chair you're sitting in.