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"My mom is in heaven now but you brought her so much joy when you danced ... I have the slipper that you gave her on my dresser right under her picture. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Being on the Road is Our Greatest Joy
Upcoming 2024-2025 Ballet Mobile House Calls

Thursday, August 8, 2:30 - Edenwald - Summer Ballerina

And, then ... it's Holiday Time, believe it or not!!

Thursday, November 7, 2:30 - Lorien Bel Air - Ballerina of the Holidays
Saturday, November 9, 1:30 - Brightview White Marsh - Holiday Ballet
Thursday, November 14, 2:30 - Stella Maris - Ballerina of the Holidays
Saturday, November 16, 2:30 - Brandywine Potomac - Holiday Ballet
Thursday, November 21, 2:30 - Springwell - Thanksgiving Ballerina
Saturday, November 23, 2:00 - Brightview Severna Park - Holiday NutcrackerBallet
Saturday, November 30, 2:00 - Heartlands Severna Park, Thanksgiving Nutcracker

Thursday, December 5, 2:30 - Lorien Bel Air - Sugar Plum Fairy Ballerina
Saturday, December 7, 2:00 - Morningside Friendship - Holiday Nutcracker
Thursday, December 12, 2:00 - Brightview Perry Hall - Sugar Plum Fairy Ballerina
Saturday, December 14, 2:00 - Pickersgill - Holiday Nutcracker
Thursday, December 19, 2:30 - Morningside Satyr Hill - Sugar Plum Fairy Ballerina
Saturday, December 21, 3:30 - Brighton Gardens - Holiday Nutcracker
Sunday, December 29, 1:30 - Morningside Ellicott City - New Year's Nutcraker

Thursday, January 2, 2:00 - Village Crossing Worman's Mill - New Year's Ballerina
Saturday, January 4, 2:30 - Kindley at Asbury - New Year's Nutcracker

The rest of Ballet Mobile's 2025 Schedule is now being built!!
Call 410-382-1377 to reserve your date for your residents and loved ones.
What Organizational Leaders and Caregivers Tell Us
"I cannot believe what you people are able to do and how much you love it."
"I have never seen this many people here together for anything, and all participating."
"You give all you have to each of my residents, and they love and remember you."
"My dementia patient told her son all the details about Ballet Mobile. She was a different person and her face lit up. Her son was so happy. So was I."
"Tonight could not have been more perfect. Thank you for giving my residents such a gift. They told me they felt blessed and peaceful."
"My residents rave about you from the moment you leave until you're here again. And then the cycle repeats. You make each resident feel special and respected."
"Every time Ballet Mobile is here, my residents are young again."
"Thank you for a wonderful afternoon of Love."
"When you are here, there is only goodness and hope for every single one of my residents."
"During this pandemic, you gave my residents something infinitely precious. They needed it more than I can say. They needed your JOY. What you brought here gave us all the strength to keep going."
"We look forward to the day we will see you again."
"After experiencing your program, one of my most troubled residents completely changed his whole attitude. Thank you."
"You make my residents so happy. That's all that matters to me."  
"My residents have not stopped raving about you."
"Every time I see your team in action I am so impressed. Every single one of you really cares, and you all work so well together. Your friendship extends to my residents and includes them all."
"This is a one-of-a-kind experience for my residents - for all of us."
"Ballet Mobile is the most awesome thing I have ever seen."
"Even my frailest people feel stronger and happier after you've been here.
And it lasts."
"Today I saw one of my residents who doesn't come to anything sit down and watch every minute ... and love it. It made me so happy to see him so happy."      
"My people were overwhelmed by the beauty. It was so heartwarming to watch." 
"It's more than the performance. It's the fact that you all care so much."
"It's incredible how you get everyone moving and engaged."

I watched every single resident's face change - soften - become young and happy again."

"Whatever Ballet Mobile does is always the best."

"You're everything I heard you were ... and so much more."

"I can't believe you give every staff member a flower, too. You really are something.
We all benefit from your house calls."
"This means the world to my people. They'll talk about it for weeks and weeks. And they really treasure their flowers. It's as if they can re-live today through those flowers."
"Our residents listen to a great deal of music, but rarely if ever get to see dancing. It was wonderful to see their eyes light up today."

"It is always such a pleasure when you visit.
You raise us all up."      
"My people may not talk out loud, but they talk with their eyes and hearts. And their eyes and hearts say how much they love you."
"So many look forward to this. It's the best part
of their year."
"Blessings to all of you. We look forward to each of your visits."
"You came here today and changed lives. It was remarkable. I have no words."
"What a treat you are for my residents for all of us here."

"We want our patients here to be happy,

and you brought that happiness to them today."

"Every time you're here they love you more."      
"Thank you for making such a wonderful program possible for our residents."   
"It is always such a joyful experience when you are here."
"My residents loved it.
They loved YOU."
"I have never seen the residents having so much fun."
"Ballet Mobile continues to astound me. You genuinely care about my residents, and I feel like hugging and kissing you for making them so happy."
"In 23 years on the job, this is the first time I've been able to find and bring in real, professional ballet. And it was so much more."  
"HOORAY for Ballet Mobile!"  
"My residents love you so much."
"What you do for my residents is so wonderful. They really are different after an experience with you. Happier. Complete."
"You give my residents joy, beauty, tears, laughter, and hope. You give them what they need most: Love."
"During the pandemic my residents were very alone. You remembered them when we could not be together, and now you are helping them recover from the loneliness."  
"My residents needed this so much. And now they can't stop talking about it! You've made them all so happy. They will remember your love and caring - and all the beauty you brought and gave to them."
"My residents have never loved a group as much as they love you."
"You are my favorite group. You inspire all of us, and we all love you."
"We are so grateful for Ballet Mobile and for all you do for us. Every single one of you goes way above and beyond for my residents."
"I know if they could have, they all would have stood to give you standing ovations after each dance of love. Thanks to each and every one of you for sharing your gifts of happiness with my families."
"You care about my residents so much, and they truly love you.
So do I."
"You remind us all that we are not defined by the kind of chair we sit in. Ballet Mobile reminds us that we are defined by Love."
"My residents love having you here. They talk about it for a long time afterwards."         
"I've seen more smiles here today than in a long time."
"I have never seen all my people participating so much at the same time - so alert, awake, and happy.
You breathed life into all of them today."

"You make my people happy. That is the most important thing to me."

"You really lifted everyone's spirits. I saw a transformation in everyone there."

"Last night was touched the hearts and souls of SO MANY!!!

It was an honor to be in the audience."


"You bring unconditional love, kindness, and friendship...

You allow my patients to not focus on their pain or disease...."

"Hands down, every single one of my residents had nothing but positive things to say. You really brightened everyone's day."


"Today I saw people smile who rarely if ever do. What a gift."
"What you do is so much more than entertainment. It is an experience of the soul that touches all my residents deeply and stays with them for a long, long time."
"You bring what they loved so much but cannot get out to enjoy at this stage of their lives. You bring it with heart and devotion that is so apparent in each dancer's and road crew's interactions."
"My patients are usually exhausted by 2 and shut down. But today, they were so excited and alive. For them, for us, you made it a really big day that we all looked forward to."
"We are all so grateful for you. We love you. All of us come alive when you are here."
"You have blown me away. Thank you for an unprecedented experience of joy and hope for my residents and staff."
"My residents talk about you all the time. You make their worlds a great deal brighter."
"The words 'thank you' cannot begin to express what I feel in my heart when you are here and I look at my residents' faces."

"I have never seen some of my residents as happy as they are  right now."

"I have never seen a transformation of so many as I've seen today in these people. You brought healing and caring. You brought Hope, and they will remember."

"It's always magical
when you're here."
"You are the kindest people. I feel renewed and healed when you are here. And you do the same for my folks whom I love with all my heart."
 "This is the first time I have seen so many residents completely engaged, truly in the moment. You have taken my breath away."
"You are so precious to me because you bring so much more than entertainment. You bring us joy - and what we all need most: HOPE."
"You are by far the most effective and inspiring group I invite to be with my residents. You heal us all."
"While my residents absolutely love the dancers, they also love the Roadies. They are so nice and helpful before and during and after the performance."
"Your organization is truly made up of angels who bring such joy to those who watch the performances. We are so thankful..."
"What you bring my residents is so different, so special and meaningful. It changes them."
"She loved you so much and looked forward to your visits. She kept every single flower you ever gave her. You made her feel special. You cared about her, and she loved you all."
"So many look forward to this. It's the best part
of their year."
"What you do moves my residents so much. They talk about it for weeks afterwards. You really touch them.
They feel your love."
"Some of my residents were so down.This really helped them.They all loved it."


"What you do is so beautiful. So healing for all of us."

"I consider your visits to be a perk of my job."

"I enjoyed the show as much as my residents. We all let ourselves relax and fly."

"You made everything so easy. I could relax and enjoy the program with everyone!"

It is a really beautiful thing you do in providing this art form to so many."
"My residents need you and love you. You really make a difference here."

"Hope grows and kindness multiplies whenever you are here - and your flowers remind us all of that year-round."
"I knew this would be good. I had no idea it would be this wonderful. My residents are thrilled, and so am I."
"All my residents have stars in their eyes, thanks to you."

Our 2024 Ballet House Calls So Far ...

2024 New Year's Nutcrackers

Thursday, 1/4/24, 2:00 - Brightview White Marsh - The New Year's Nutcracker Muse

Saturday, 1/6/24, 2:00 - Morningside Friendship - A New Year's Nutcracker

Thursday, 1/11/24, 6:30 - Brightview Bet Air - The New Year's Nutcracker Muse

Seasonal and Special Ballets

Thursday, 3.7/24, 2:00 - Lorien Bel Air - Afternoon of Ballet

Thursday, 3/14/24, 2:30 - Brightview Towson - Sunny Days Ballet

Saturday, 3/23/24, 2:30 - Brightview White Marsh - Spring Ballet

Thursday, 3/28/24, 2:00 - Morningside Satyr Hill - Springtime Ballerina

Saturday, 3/30/24, 2:00 - Brightview Severna Park - Spring Ballet

Thursday, 4/4/24, 2:00 - Brightview Columbia - Ballerina of Spring

Saturday, 4/7/24, 2:00 - Weinberg - Springtime Ballerina

Thursday, 4/18/24, 2:30 - Stella Maris - Ballerina of Spring

Saturday, 4/20/24 - Morningside Friendship - Spring Ballet

Saturday, 4/27/24, 3:30 - Brighton Gardens - Spring Ballet

Saturday, 5/4/24, 2:30 - Brandywine Potomac - Spring Ballet

Thursday, 5/9/24, 2:30 - Springwell - Ballerina for Mothers' Day

Thursday, 5/16/24, 2:00 - Village Crossing at Worman's Mill - Ballerina of Spring

Saturday, 5/18/24, 2:00 - Heartlands Severna Park - Armed Forces Day Ballet

5/25/24, 2:00 - Pickersgill - Springtime Ballet'

5/30/24, 1:30 - Morningside Ellicott City - Memorial Day Ballerina

6/8/24, 2:30 - Kindley at Asbury - Spring Ballet

Thursday, 6/13/24, 2:30 - Broadmead - Almost Summertime Ballerina

Saturday, 6/15/24, 2:30 - Lutheran Village Millers Grant - Almost Summer Ballet

Thursday, 7/11/24, 2:30 - Heartlands Ellicott City - Summer Ballet

Thursday, 7/18/24, 2:00 - Atrium Village of Owings Mills - Summer Ballerina

Our Beautiful Ballet House Calls in 2023
Seasonal and Special Ballets

Sunday, 3/12/23, 3:00 - Weinberg Village, Owings Mills - Daylight Saving Time Ballet,Saturday; 3/25/23, 2:30 - Brightview Towson - Spring Ballet; Thursday, 3/30/23, 1:30 - Morningside Ellicott City - Almost April Ballet

Saturday, 4/1/23, 3:30 - Brighton Gardens - No Foolin' Ballet; Tuesday, 4/4/23, 2:30 - Brightview Severna Park - Spring Ballet, Thursday;  4/27/23, 2:30 - Arbor Ridge Riderwood - Ballerina of Springtime; Saturday, 4/29/23, 2:00 - Brightview White Marsh - Spring Ballet

Saturday, 5/13/23, 2:00 - Pickersgill - Spring Ballet,

Thursday, 6/8/23, 2:30 - Ridgeway Manor - June Ballet; Thursday, 6/15/23, 2:00 - Heartlands Severna Park - Flag Week Ballet; Saturday, 6/17/23, 2:00 - Brandywine Potomac - Almost Summer Ballet

Thursday, 7/13/23, 6:30 - Brightview Bel Air - USA Birthday Month Ballet; Saturday, 7/15/23, 2:00 - Morningside Friendship - Summer Ballet; Thursday, 7/20/23, 2:00 - Morningside Satyr Hill - Summer Ballet

Thursday, 8/3/23, 1:45 and 2:30 - Ginger Cove - Summer Ballet; Thursday, 8/10/23, 2:30 - Springwell - Summer Ballet

Thursday, 10/26/23, 2;30 - Stella Maris - An Afternoon of Ballet Beauty

Nutcrackers and Holiday Ballets

Thursday, 11/2/23, 2:30 - Springwell - Festive Ballet;Saturday, 11/4/23, 2:30 - Brightview Avondell - An Early Nutcracker Ballet Treat;Thursday, 11/9/23, 2:30 - Brightview Perry Hall - HOLIDAYS Ballet;Saturday, 11/11/23, 1:30 - Morningside Ellicott City - HOLIDAYS Ballet;Thursday, 11/14/23, 3:30 - Seneca Rockville - Magical Nutcracker Ballet;Saturday, 11/18/23, 2:00 - Brandywine Potomac - Thanksgiving Nutcracker Ballet;Sunday, 11/26/23, 2:00 - Heartlands Severna Park - Thanksgiving Nutcracker Ballet

Thursday, 12/7/23, 630 - Glen Meadows - Nutcracker Holiday Ballet;Tuesday, 12/12/23, 2:00 - Brightview Severna Park - Nutcracker Holiday Ballet; Thursday, 12/14/23, 2:30 - Brightview Towson - The Nutcracker Muse Holiday Ballet;Saturday, 12/16/23, 2:00 - Brightview Annapolis - Nutcracker Holiday Ballet

Thursday, 12/21/23, 2:00 - Morningside Satyr Hill - The Nutcracker Muse Holiday Ballet; Saturday, 12/23/23, 3:30 - Brighton Gardens - Nutcracker Holiday Ballet

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