We are so grateful for your help.
Your support makes it possible for us to be on the road again.
During the 2020 and early 2021 pandemic, Ballet Mobile was not able to visit in person,
but we stayed in loving touch through deliveries of 6400+ individually-wrapped handmade silk bouquets and ballet cards for all our audiences.
We treasure the notes we received then - and continue to receive - from our precious seniors and Activities Directors.



Ballet Mobile, Inc. is a public charity, exempt from Federal income tax under 501(c)(3).

Generous Ballet Mobile donors ensure the continued ability of Ballet Mobile to carry out its mission of bringing healing ballet to as many people as possible in non-traditional locations. All Ballet Mobile members and directors are volunteers.

Donations pay for the silk flowers that Ballet Mobile volunteers make into bouquets for every single audience and staff member to dance with during the performances and to keep as a gift of love. Contributions also help pay the rent at our Arts Center Headquarters, as well as help to pay for roadie supplies, equipment maintenance, costumes, and even some of the dancers' ballet shoes. Each pair of pointe shoes costs over $100.00 and lasts only two or three house calls.

Every dollar matters and makes a difference. Checks can be made out and mailed to:

Ballet Mobile, Inc.

Howard County Center for the Arts Studio 18

8510 High Ridge Road

Ellicott City, MD - 21043

If you would prefer, click on the Donate button below and follow PayPal's easy steps. Please check the box that authorizes PayPal to share your mailing address with us so we can thank you properly for your gift. Use their Special Instructions section if you wish to designate in whose honor or memory you are making your gift. If you have any problems, email .

Contributions to Ballet Mobile, Inc. are deductible under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

We are so grateful.

Ballet Mobile Archangels in Perpetuity

Dr. Clare Carey and Mr. Wayne Schmidt, San Antonio, TX

Dr. Elizabeth Elliott, Princeton, NJ

Mr. Jonathan Elliott, Hamilton, NJ, Ballet Mobile's Founding

     Consultant, in memoriam, Our Angel Jon ("More Life!")

Ballet Mobile Founding Angels

Anonymous Founding Angel - with thanks forever

Ms. Zara Anwar and Family, Los Angeles, CA

Mrs. Judi Bard, Former Director, Columbia, MD

Mrs. Lauren Schultz Berlin, Columbia, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goedeke, Laurel, MDMs. Militza Ivanovsky, Ballerina and Artist, Friend Forever

     Director, Ballet Fantasque, Monterey, CA

Mrs. Virginia Lard, our honorary roadie forever, in memoriam

Mr. Leo Rapoport, in memoriam

The Whiteford Family: Dancer Sarah, Dr. Sherry Lard, and Scott

Mrs. Patricia Fisher, Ballet Mobile Director, Columbia, MD

The Glaze Family: Dancers Jasmine and Robert and Lisa, Laurel, MD

The Gould Family: Dancer Rebecca, Betsy, Bruce, Columbia, MD

     Laura and Littlest Roadie Eli, Philadelphia, PA

Ms. Kira Ivanovsky, Teacher, Mentor, Friend, Monterey, CA

     In memoriam, with Love Forever

Ms. Jessica Jones, Dancer, DE

The Kleinows: Dancer Deirdre, Adam, & Emerson, Columbia, MD

Mrs. Virginia Lard, Columbia, MD

     In memoriam, our Honorary Roadie Forever

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Meyer, in memoriam, Tulsa, OK and Paris, France

      Living their Poem, Music, and Inspiration

Mr. Alexander Meyer-Stokes, Rockville, MD

The Moores: Principal Artist Susan and Wizard Jason, Gambrills, MD

Mr. Peter O'Malley, Stevensville, MD

Mrs. Juanita and Mr. Richard Pimental, Alexandria, VA

     In memoriam with all possible love and thanks

The Pimentals: Dancer Merritt, Rich, Geneva, Virginia, Jessup, MD

The Powells: Dancer Brooke, Tammy, Wes, Jessica, Laurel, MD

The Redils: Dancer Jenni-an, Maria, Efren, Reisterstown, MD

Miss Joyce and Dr. Patricia Shanahan, Joplin, MO

     In memoriam to Our Fairy Godmothers #1 and #2

The Stantons: "Governor" Gary and Joan, Woodstock, MD

Mr. Robert Stokes, Ballet Mobile Director and Secretary,
     Founding Roadie at Every House Call, Columbia, MD
Mrs. Audrey Stover, Gloucester, VA and Annapolis, MD
     In memoriam with the greatest love and respect

The Walkers: Dancer Angela, Wizard John, Kansas City, MO

The Walsh Family: Director Ellen, Sculptor Chip, Gambrills, MD

The Whiteford Family: Dancer Sarah, Dr. Sherry Lard, Mr. Scott Whiteford, Laurel, MD

Mrs. Lucy Whittington, Crofton, MD, in memoriam, Forever Friend

Dr. Anne Wright, Bethesda, MD

CAPT Julian "Skip", USN Retired, in memoriam with all our love

Ballet Mobile Angels

Mr. Michael J. Aisenstein, Weinberg Dancer, Owings Mills, MD

The Allums Family: Dancer Jayla and loved ones, Columbia, MD and DC

The Amazon Smile Foundation

The Angel Family: Emily, Greg, Everett, Andrew, Severna Park, MD

Anonymous Friend and Believer

The Anthony Family: Beth, James, Parker

Atholton High School Work Enclave, directed by Mrs. Sharon Cantor

The Baltimore Ravens Foundation

Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James Barkman, Mechanicsville, MD

Mrs. Maria Mercedes Bejarano, Washington, D.C.

Mr. Pedro Bejarano, in memoriam

The Berkman Family: Dancer Nina and loved ones, Ellicott City, MD

Dr. Richard Brecht and Family, Silver Spring, MD

Mr. Ronald Brooks, in memoriam, NJ

Mrs. Maryann Simmons Buchmann, in memory of her parents, MA

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Buschgans, San Antonio, TX

Sister Mary Clare Buthod, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Mr. James Child, in memoriam, dearest Jimbo, Washington, D.C.

Mr. Larry Cohen, in memoriam, Columbia, MD

Mrs. Laura Cohen, Greg, and Amy, Columbia, MD

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Nancy Cohen, Silver Spring, MD

The Coombs Family: Dancer Lily, Kirsten, and Luke

The Corrigan Family: Dancer Gabrielle, Hope, Greg, and Robert

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cresenzo, Evans, GA

The Crooks Family: Dr. Carolyn, Mr. Jeff, Dancer Jenny, Columbia, MD

Mr. and Mrs. David Cross, Havertown, PA

Mrs. Alena Dailey, Ginger Cove Retirement Community, Annapolis, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Joe Danks, Silver Spring, MD

Mrs. Barbara DeBoy and Family, Catonsville, MD

Ms. Lisa Dornell and Family, Columbia, MD

Mrs. Marian Cannon "Grandma" Dornell, in memoriam

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dykes, in memoriam

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Faleris, Annapolis, MD

The Farrells: Dancer Erica and Roadies Terence,Teresa, and Luke -

     "It's all about the Roadies!"

Mrs. Jeannette Feldman, Weinberg Dancer, Owings Mills, MD

Mrs. Marge Fisher, honored in memoriam by her daughter-in-law

Mrs. Audrey Frank, to honor her mother, France

Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Friedman, in memoriam, over the rainbow

Mr. Carlos Garcia and Family, Columbia, MD

Ginger Cove Senior Living

Mrs. Ady Ginsberg, in memoriam

Mr. and Mrs. Dalbert Ginsberg, honoring sister Bernice, Bethesda, MD

The Goldberg-Steinberg Family: Dancers Julia and Michael & Parents
Mrs. Bella Goldstein, in memoriam
The Goldsteins: Director Bernice, Myron, Family: Silver Spring, MD
Miss Corinne Goldstein, honored by her grandparents
Mrs. Melodie Goldstein, honoring Mrs. Bernice Goldstein
Mrs. Patricia Gonta, in memory of Mrs. Betty Simmons
Rabbi Susan Grossman, in memory of her father, Norman M. Grossman

Mr. R. J. Grunewald, in memoriam

Mrs. Mary Guzdek, in memory of Mrs. Betty Simmons

The James Hall Family

Mr. Henry Harney, in memoriam

The Hassett Family Foundation

Mrs. Jeannette Simmons Hassett, in memory of her parentsMr. and Mrs. Mark Hassett, in memory of Vince and Betty Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hassett, NJ, in memory of Mr.&Mrs. Simmons

Mr. Tim Hassett, in memory of Mrs. Betty Simmons

Mrs. Sandy Helm, honoring Mrs. Bernice Goldstein

The Huffmans: Dr. Steve, Dr. Grace Brooke, Thomas, Winchester, VA

Mrs. Helena Hughes, FL, in memoriam, beloved Chiquita

Mr. Tom Jabine, honored by his friend, Mrs. Janet Rochlin

The Jamisons: Theresa,Tommy,Ryan,Harrison,James, Severna Pk, MD

Mr. Esben Jespen, Artist, Ellicott City, MD

Mrs. Susan Johns, inspiring us in memory of her beloved Ray
The Kallmyers: Dancer Abby, Linda, Roch, Emily, Maddie, Daniel, MD

Ms. Rebekah Kaufman, to honor her mother

Mrs. Kathleen Kelly, in memoriam

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Kisak (Director/Roadie Linda), Columbia, MD

Ms. Emily Kisak, Arlington, VA

Ms. Natalie Kisak, Rockville, MD

Mrs. Shirlene Kisak, Akron, OH

Mrs. Elizabeth Knust, Mt. Airy, MD

Mr. David Koch, in memoriam by Kennedy Center boxmates, DC

Mr. Fred Kovalyak, always remembering his Ginny, Ellicott City, MD

Mr. John Kovarik, Science Officer, and Family, Columbia, MD

Mrs. Belva Krauss, in memoriam, "Belva Baby", Ellicott City, MD

Mrs. Irmeli "Tipi" Kuehnel, Annapolis, MD
Mrs. Ana Maria Layton and Family, Sykesville, MD
The Lipsky Family: Sam, Gabriela, Josh, Leah, Clara, CA and MD
Mrs. Rochelle Llanso and Family, Highland, MD
Mrs. Mary Lynch, in memoriam - "I knew you'd come, and you did", MD
Mr. and Mrs. William Lynch, Gaithersburg, MD, in honor of Lily

Ms. Valerie McCoy, in memoriam

Mrs. Eloyce Mailman, in memoriam

Dr. Linda Murphy Marshall, Mr. Bill Marshall & Family, Columbia, MD

Ms. Diana Marta, Artist, Ellicott City, MD

Dr. Susanna and Mr. Patricio Mayorga, Jr, Columbia, MD

Dr. and  Mrs. Scribner Messenger, Columbia, MD

Ms. Lynn Miller, Monroe, NJ

Ms. Jean Ann Mitchell, RED, Ballet Mobile's Muse, Sarasota, FL

        in loving memory of her dad, "Sparkie" Appleton

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Moffat, Jr.

Drs. Lincoln and Gretchen Mui and Family, Silver Spring, MD

The Munros: Dancer Abby, Nikki, and loving family

Mr. Oscar Neal, in memoriam

Next American Films, LLC, MD
Mrs. Susan O'Hare
Mrs. Ruth O'Leary, in memoriam
Mr. Leonard Oliveri, in memoriam
Mrs. Janice O'Malley, Good Neighbors Family Trust, FL

Dr. J. Owusu-Mackenzie, in memory of her father

Mr. Robert Platt, in memoriam
The Potsiadlo Family, MD
Mrs. Linda Press and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Pressman, in honor of Bernice Goldstein's birthday, MD

Mr. Robert Prince, remembering his Anne

Ms. Elizabeth Proctor, Monroe Township, MJ

LtCol R. E. Proctor, USAF, in memoriam

Mr. Irving Quiles, Crownsville, MD

Mrs. Isidra "Momita" Quintana, in memoriam

Mrs. Fran Reed, in memory of her Whitney, MD

Mrs. Gail Reifenberg, Monroe Township, NJ

Mrs. Kathleen Renz, in memoriam

The Richmond Family: Val, Bob, and Katie Madsen, Virginia Beach, VA

Mr. Joe Ritenour, in memoriam

Mrs. Janet Rochlin, Silver Spring, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Rosenblum, to honor Mrs. Goldstein
The Salkelds: Dancer Madison, Roadie Becca, loving family

Mr. Ricky and Mrs. Lydia Santiago and Family, Severn, MD

Mrs. Polly Savage, in memoriam

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Scholz, Meeting, PA

Dr. and Mrs. William Semancik, Sykesville, MD

Mrs. Betsy Shead

Dr. Siddharth, in memoriam

Mr. Vince and Mrs. Betty Simmons, in loving memoriam from all of us

The Sisks: Dancer Caslin, Roadies Julie and Kevin, loving family

Mr. Gary Sitek, in memoriam

Mrs. Marjorie Snowden, honored in memoriam by her Ballet Mobilers

Mrs. Irina Stepanova

Mr. Russell Strand, in memoriam

Mr. John Suggs, Ballet Mobile's  Muse

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Teller, Columbia, MD

Mr. Mark Tise, honored in memoriam

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Thornton: Dancer Rebecca Ross and Family

Mrs. Beatrix Trumbauer, always remembering Andy

Ms. Alison Wall, Our CA Ballet Mobile Dancer

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Walsh and Family, Catonsville, MD

Mr. Michael Ward, honored in memoriam for his Atholton HS work

Miss Stephanie Wei, Artist, and Family

The Welsh Family: Dancer Madeline and all her loved ones

Mr. Robert L. Winters, in memoriam


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